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                      Clyde & Dale 
These two Clydesdale boys, looking out of the pen at an Oklahoma auction lot, 
Wondering where are we?  Why are we here?...
Clyde & Dale, 2 Clydesdale geldings, Were dropped off at an Oklahoma auction house at the feed lot, also known to many as the "kill Pen".
Here they wait to be bailed out or to be picked up and taken to Mexico where they would suffer a brutal death and be Slaughtered.

Their is no "humane" way to slaughter!!
(you can read more about slaughter on our website)

The "meat men" at these auctions pay between .50 to $1.00 per pound, then once in Mexico they get $15-$25 a pound at the slaughter house there.

When I received  word that 2 Clydesdale's were dumped off at the Kill pen, I was immediately on  mission to save them. 

I was informed it would cost $2200 to get them bailed out and transported to safety in Denton TX.

A wonderful lady Katie & her family opened their pasture to these 2 boys, until funds could be raised for their transport home to Heaven Help Us.

During their stay in TX, they were fed well, loved on and monitored. 
We had their coggins done, wormed them, and got their health certificates for their journey home to Florida. 

The boys were transported home by 'Wild West Equine Transport" and arrived home at 1 am on Dec. 18th

When they arrived, I could not get out that door fast enough to meet them!!
We immediately unloaded them and got them settled for the night.

They next morning I was out the door at the crack of dawn to check on them and make sure this was not just a dream.

An indescribable feeling came over me as I sat and watched them share their breakfast.
As I starred at them, I just could not understand why anyone would have given up on them...and what confusion they must be feeling....and then the  comfort of knowing that these two boys were safe from slaughter & now have a 2nd chance at life, brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my heart.

As the days passed Clyde & Dale settled in quite well and seemed to feel right at home.

 They don't appear to me as though they have ever been abused, but definitely neglected in their over all care & handling. For the most part, they are like big puppy dogs & as sweet as can be.
They both need their feet trimmed, wormed, teeth done badly, major grooming, ground manners & LOTS of groceries!!

One day at a time...TO BE CONTINUED

Dale ended up being put down to progressive Esophageal Cancer.

Clyde resides with a family who loves him, but went about ownership in a very hurtful & deceitful way based on lies, false accusations and complete devastation to me and many others!

it beyond amazes me what people can & will do for greed and at the expense of others.

I finally had to just close the door and tell myself that most importantly, Clyde is safe, healthy and hopefully happy!

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