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                Helping Hearts Program

         Our new  program in the works, is an "educational encounter" type program & is called "Helping Hearts"

The main focus of "Helping Hearts" is to offer an exotic animal encounter /experience to those who may never get the opportunity that many of us do. 

Although this program will help educate as many as possible on all aspects of exotic animals and their care both in captivity and in the wild, this particular program will reach out to those in specific situations like nursing homes, cancer treatment centers and others of this nature and offer them the opportunity to experience how amazing these creatures are.

In much research & studies, animals have been proven time and time again to be very therapeutic in various ways to people dealing and suffering with various illnesses. 
Whether it is Physical, emotional or mental illness one is living with, animals offer something nothing else can!

In my years of working with troubled & at risk teens and youth, special needs individuals, people coping with PTSD, MS.. ect
I have witnessed animal interaction doing incredible things and what some would call "performing miracles".

Being a person who was saved by animals at an early age, I know what they did and continue to do for me, and I'm confident will also do the same for others. 
I hear often and first hand from many who have also been saved in various ways by animals. I believe God knew in creating them, that they would be the "best medicine".

Helping Hearts is something I have had an overwhelming desire to put into action for many years. I have hit many stumbling blocks along the way, but they have never put out the fire! 

I pray the impact this program has on lives is even greater then I feel it will be. 
Not only do I feel it will benefit the lives of so many humans, but in the long run will help the animals as well.
There is so much we can learn from them.
So the journey begins...

Prayers welcome & God Bless

Donations right now will be going to help build the enclosures for the animals in this program, as well as the supplies needed to take them on the encounters. We would also like to have a little something that shares about the animals that visited, that we can hand out to each individual. funding will also help with transportation costs. More information will be added to this page as things come together! Thank you so very much for being a part of this en devour! The plan to acknowledge each supporter in the program is in the making. I want everyone that has reached out to make this happen, to be a part of it's progress and to feel appreciated. 

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