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           Isaac, the "Miracle Monkey"
                                                                          Born 6/16/2009
I had Kind of a ruff start for a little monkey...
 I came home with momma-Gena at about 10 days old.
I had a slight cold, that within 2 days..lead to phenmonia.
 Momma-Gena called this really nice vet ...Alex, at Collingswood vet Hospital..
& he gave her some medicine to make me feel better.
 Mom started giving me the medicine (it didn't taste very good),  and put me on a nebulizer a few times
a day, to help me breath better.
Within a few days I started feeling better, could  breath better, and could finally eat better!

I also I had a sore & swollen leg..due to a cut on my big toe. It happened when I got brushed against the cage wire while I was still on my birth mommy.
Momma-Gena..cleaned it all up..medicated it & bandaged it.
Within a few days..it was all better and my toe was just like new!
Then I had this sore-itchy spot on my wrist.
It had been there for a while.
Momma-Gena said she didn't know what it was..but that it needed to be fixed.
She put some stuff on it that bubbled and got white & foamy....I didn't like it!!
She told me it was ok..and that It would be okay!
So I believed her!
Then she put some gooey stuff on it and wrapped it up.
It started to feel better...but was still itchy & didn't quite go away.
The doctor said it looked like a case of ringworm that got infected.
So momma-Gena treated it...and guess what?...It's all gone!

On July 14th...my buddy Winston went away.
Momma-Gena was so upset when he left.....She cried alot...she still does Sometimes.
She tells me I'm starting to look a little like him now.
Right before Winston went away...my belly started hurting, and I didn't want to eat. I was losing weight..and became fussy!
Mom took me to see Doctor Alex again.
I wish I had felt better that day, cause there were so many nice girls at the doctors that were talking to me...but I felt so yucky....that I didn't feel like talking back!

That's ok though...momma-Gena promised me that she would take me to see them again when I feel better!
Anyway...Dr.Alex was very worried about me!
He said I was way under weight...so he & momma-Gena talked about some different things she could do & that it was very important to weigh me twice a day.
Momma -Gena tried different formulas..at different temperatures..added plain yougart...tried some fruit...tried some rice cereal....
She did all kinds of stuff!
What can I say..I'm high maintainence!
One night I had a really bad belly ache!
I was crying..biting my bear..squirming....just all upset!
Momma-gena made me some warm herbal mint tea!
Boy was it good!
At first...I didn't want it...but she put some in a tiny syringe thing...and made me taste it!
Boy am I glad she did!
It actually tasted pretty good & it made my belly feel so much better.
So much better...that I took a long nap!
I don't know what she did after that...but I started eating better & gaining weight a little each day!
I know momma-Gena hasn't gotten very much sleep over the last few weeks...cause every time I open my eyes..she is either holding me...or laying right next to me just staring at me.
I was doing pretty good for about 2 weeks..then I started having potty issues..and it made my bottom  really sore!
Momma-gena tried everything!
all kinds of diaper rash stuff...sensative skin wipes..changes in my diet..but my favorite thing is my "naked time" that I get a few times a day!
Momma-gena just doesn't like the mess I make when my diaper is off...lol
But hey..when a boy has to go......a boy has to go!
I know she has to wash a lot of blankets & stuffed animals after naked time...!
She even washes me!...I hate it!
She says I will learn to love it!..yea right!
Anyway..when the potty issues started again...
She called  Dr. Alex again...I had to try some new medicine.
When Winston went away momma-gena had some test run on me and winston..hoping to learn why he went away...and in hopes that I would be okay.
She said she wanted to know why Winston had to go away..& wanted to make sure that I was gonna be okay.
All I know..is she says there are still a lot of un-answered questions!
Anyway...so when I started feeling yucky again...I had to go on some new medicine..in hopes that I would get better & be okay.
I'm still on the medicine right now.
All I know is..it taste very yucky & I hate it!!
Momma-Gena doesn't care though..she still makes me take it!
I sure hope it helps!
Momma -gena says we will just take it step-by-step!
I'm eating good...gaining a little weight each day
and I'm spoiled rotten!
I have my own big bed...tons of stuffed animals, blankets, and toys!
Everyone here loves me...I'm never alone & the minute I make a noise...someone is right there!
I live with momma-Gena, Daddy-Terry, my brothers Todd & Dean & my sister Tiffany.
I also have 5 dog friends....they are ok...mom says I'm to little to hang out with them yet!
I like the birds too!
I especially like to sit next to momma-gena and watch her feed the baby birds.
Boy they are noisy eaters!
How come they don't have to wear diapers?

Mom moma-Gena says she wants to write Winston a "love letter"..but she is just not ready yet...
I don't understand...but I know she does though!
I'm not sure how long I will get to live with my family here.
Momma-gena says things did not go any where near as planned.
Momma-Gena says the plan was, that I was supposed to go live with some special friends , Steve & Bruce.. after they got their permits (what ever that means)...but Winston leaving..& then my "Ruff Road" ...and on-going issues...lead to a change of plans.
They still call almost everyday and check on me..and they come visit me when they can. 
My family here is very attached to me & prays that I can stay here forever.
I mean we have been through a lot over the 7 weeks I have been living here.
Seems like a lot longer to all of us!
Momma-gena says there are a lot of un-answered questions & money..that determines my future.
"Only God Knows!"...She says!
I guess as she says...Step-by-step.
Momma-gena says God never closes one door without opening another!
All I know is...I hope when the questions are answered....I hope I get to stay here.
I love my family here...they are all I know & it is obvious that they love me far beyond most peoples comprehension!
I may be little now...but I have been high maintainence...and will always be a huge responsibility & commitment!
Each day I grow a little, get more active, and become more intelligent!
I guess I better go now....
Momma -Gena says she will keep ya posted....
God Bless
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August 19th, 2009
Well, I was 8 weeks old this past Tuesday, and I have a name now!
My name is Isaac.
I was not sure about it....but it will grow on me I guess.
There is a story behind it....it comes from the Bible.
Momma -Gena reads that book a lot!
To make a long story short.....The dad in the story...his name is Abraham & he has a son named Issac.
It took Abraham & his wife Sarah a long time to get Isaac. It was a dream come true!
Actually....an answered prayer....
(mom does a lot of that too!)
Just like it was when Winston & I came into the family here!
Momma- Gena says God had promised Abraham a child..but they were just so anxious & it was a long time before they got him.
Anyway...one day..God told Abraham that he wanted him to sacrifice his only son that he had waited so long to get!
I'm not sure what that means...but it can't be good, because Momma-Gena said that is kind of how she felt when Winston had to go away.

When I got sick again...she said she had to face the fact that she may have to sacrifice losing me too!
She said it was all in God's hands.
She prayed about it..did what she could...and said "it is in God's hands now"
Well....I'm doing better every day!
I'm eating better....my bottom is not so sore anymore, and I'm gaining weight a little each day.
I still get naked time though....yey!
I still get bathes though too & I still don't like em!!
I'm even getting more brave! I climb off my bear..(mom calls it my "security blanket")
and I play a little...I always keep my eye on it though..just in case I get scared!
I like TV too...it is pretty cool!
I'm learning to pull myself up on things & I'm getting real good at using my hands!
I have a tail too!
I just discovered it!  I'm not sure what it is for yet...but I can tell you it hurts when I bite it!

get to go with mom all kinds of cool places!
I'm not afraid off the car rides anymore.
I go to church..Home Depot...
This weekend I got to go to the pet store & look at fish!
I enjoy the Golf Cart rides outside too!
Oh!..back to the story....anyways....Abraham must have done all the right things too...cause when he got to the place to sacrifice Issac.....God let him Keep him!
Isaac didn't have to go away.
So Isaac got to stay with his family!
So....maybe God is gonna let me stay with my family!
Mom tells me that sometimes..God just wants our undivided attention.
So anyway...mom says she felt at one point she was going to have to make the sacrifice of letting me go...
But now she feels as though God has let her keep me!
So..that is how I got my name!

She says maybe when I get bigger, and have had time to learn a few things....may be we can go visit some people & share my story...
If it is anything like when I go to her ladies meeting at  church on Tuesday nights......I'm all for it!
I'm a big hit with them ladies!!
Well...time to go for now....
God Bless..
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
August 31st, 2009
Well, I Guess I will tell this part of the story instead of Isaac..... because he doesn't know the news yet!
It appears that Isaac has to find a new home..and my heart is breaking.
Well..first things first!
He gave us a scare last week.
Tues & Weds he was not quite himself.
Sleeping a lot more then usual & slightly cranky when he was awake.
Then  Thursday, his appetite decreased.
Friday....He just wouldn't eat at all & seemed very weak.
So..We rushed him to the vet.
The vet..Alex, that had seen him before, was away...so we ended up going to Dr. Mckelvie in Cape coral.
He is supposed to be exceptional with primates.
 Everyone there seemed  nice and just loved Isaac.
Anyway...Isaac once again had to have a fecal done.
Under the microscope, the vet detected bacteria & fat.
The fat in their stool, means their body is not absorbing as it should. This can be due to food allergy.
So the Doctor prescribed some strong antibioitics..and we changed his formula once again.
Usually this many problems & food allergies is a sign of genetic issues.
Saturday he seemed a little better....
By Sunday afternoon...Issac was back to his old self as far as eating !
Anyway....It is a long story..but for weeks I have been trying to contact the original owners ....I guess you could say "breeders"...Dennis & Mike.....where Isaac originally came from .
When Steve & Bruce decided that adopting Isaac was not the right choice for them, I contacted Mike & Dennis right away.
I explained Steve & Bruce's concerns, and asked what they wished for me to do about Isaac now.
I explained that I had no problem trying to help them find Isaac a new home, but that not many people were gonna want to pay the $6000 they were asking for him.....considering all the issues he had been having.
Not when they can get a healthy baby with a health guarantee for the same price.
I also explained that anyone interested, would be educated on the death of Winston, and all the medical history of Isaac upon meeting him.
I feel it is only fair that people know his issues up to this point..and that he may or may not continue to have problems.
I still never heard back... after several attempts.
 today I get a call......
They weren't even the ones that contacted me.
Someone else did!

To make a long story short....Isaac has to find a good home.
I am not financially able to do what it takes..in the time frame demanded....to purchase Isaac.
Vet bills among other unexpected things....have altered that.
Isaac will be 10 weeks tomorrow, and has been here since he was 7 days old.(possibly younger)
He knows only us ..as him family.
He loves us & we love him.
Change for monkeys can be devastating.
I'm being told that the reason for no response to my emails, is because....the breeders are upset with me.
They Blame me for winstons death....and say that both babies were 100% healthy when  I took them...
Even though within a few days of his arrival here...Issac was being treated for Phenemonia....then infected ringworm..then a bacterial infection.....
Now being treated for the  same symptoms again!
Winston struggled with severe gas like symptoms from the 1st day he came here.
Even after trying several different formulas...he still showed signs of abdominal discomfort and sometimes diareha.
Then I'm told that the vet I took them to was not qualified.....!
I'm being told that I was not qualified!
Seems a little funny to me...been working with and raising babies for years..never a problem!
If I wasn't qualified...why were the babies sent home with me?
Anyway....I'm getting way off topic.
My emotions have the best of me right now!

So...now we are hanging in the wind..trying to figure out how to deal with this situation.
All I know..is I want Isaac to have a better life then he deserves.
He is a wonderful little creature.
All of you that have been here or met him know exactly what I mean.
He steals your heart!
We will miss him dearly.....
What I thought was a dream come true
Has become one of my worst nightmares.....
Don't know that we will have a lot more to write about Isaac after this point.
I guess only time will tell.
Thanks to all of you who wrote to me by way of my "Contact" page.
Thanks for your compliments about the site and the story.
Thanks for your concern..and comments!
We will make every effort to stay in contact with Isaac...and hopefully be able to let everyone know how he is doing.
He is a special little monkey.
I Love You Issac...
"Love Never Fails"
September 17th,2009
Well....Isaac took a trip to the vet this morning.
He seems to be doing okay at this point.
Vet expressed that his stools look better then a few weeks ago, but his weight and size are below average for a typical 13 week old capuchin baby.
So we sent out another fecal!
In fact..he is not gaining weight as he should & weighs less then he did at the visit 2 weeks ago.

At this point we are going to concentrate on him gaining some more weight....then possibly going for some blood work & x-rays.
Putting a baby his size under anethesia...can be life threatening if you don't know exactly what you are doing!
He is still having some issues with eating....coughing, sneezing & weight gain.....so we want to dig a little deeper.

At this point we strongly believe that Isaac has genetic issues that are causing this "medical roller-coaster ride"
We are praying that he will grow out of it...but,
we love him either way!
The other issue at hand....is the lack of communication with the breeder where both Isaac & Winston came from.
This has lead to what looks to be ...another long drug out battle in my life!
As always..it is all about the money!
What ever happened to honesty?..trust?...helping one another?..
People live now with their doors locked & their guards up!
It is really sad & pathetic!
People hide behind their computers and voice mail....afraid to stand face to face for what they believe in or what they know is right!
I mean just look at our country!
Some people would rather see the wrong prevale....in order to protect their image & reputation.
Seems to me..if you are doing things right..you wouldn't have to worry about it!
I don't take other peoples word for anything!
I check it out for myself.
No 2 people are alike...and neither are their opinions!
Their are to many things in life I would have missed out on, had I taken other peoples word for it.
Probably could have avoided some pain as well...but i would rather take my chances!
Communicating....is everything!
Anyway, in this situation...had the lines of communication & honesty been open from the get-go......Things would not be as they are now!
All I know..is my main concern is what is best for Isaac now, which at this point..is him being healthy!
I can't bring Winston back...But I won't loose Isaac either.
Now..the USDA & Florida Fish & Game are involved!
Fine by me...I have nothing to hide....never have!
Pretty soon...I may see if the local news paper might find an nice "Personal Interest" story in all this.
Who knows..maybe PETA might like a bite of it!...lol
For now....I will fight with all I have, for what I know is right.
Isaac's life depends on it!

September 24th, 2009
Well, not a whole lot has changed with Isaac. He is slowly gaining weight, but it fluctuates.
He seems pretty content..but not very active.
He is up to 1lb 8oz & he will be 15 weeks old next Tuesday.

(ahh...one of my favorite places to be)
He spends most of his time sleeping.
except of course when it's late & you want to go to bed..lol
If he could have his way..he would be held all day ....every day!

(nappin w/big siss)
He is eating pretty good...still not as much as I would like..but he eats small amounts frequentley.He is still way below average for his age. 
What I think of being woke up!
He does not seem to show a whole lot of interest in new foods..unless of course it is something your eating that he s not supposed to have!
Just eating the same ol' mixture of formula, fruit & cereal in his bottle.
Today he had  a little swelling in the face & under his chin. No idea why...but we are monitoring it..and he will be going to the doctor this week for a check up & maybe some blood work.
I guess all-n-all he has been acting about the same for the last few weeks. I would just love to seem him playing  a little more like a monkey should at this age.
Anyway...we love him & will continue to do our best for him.
Thanks again to all of you that send the emails with such nice things to say.
It means a lot...& helps keep me going!
God Bless

Hanging with big bro'
(they have the same eyes..lol)

    Story continued on "Isaac II".....
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