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          Issac the "Miracle Monkey" part II
October 8th, 2009
Well, Not a whole lot has changed with little Isaac.
We still Love em"...lol
We have been starting to take him out in the sun a little each day...a little more often.
The sun is really Important to help prevent "Rickets" in baby monkeys & a very important vitamin supplement.
Some good news..
over the last few days he has finally
started to show a little interest in eating some "Real food"
So....were hoping he will start eating better, put on some weight, and start making better progress.
Still seems to be quite content napping with his favorite bear or clinging to one of his humans...lol
We plan to try him on a new mixture of mild fruit, zupreem monkey biscuits, formula, & a vitamin..all well blended into a "monkey smoothie!"
Had he been a typical baby monkey, he would have been started on this a little bit ago, but  getting him to eat was task enough.
So....I guess if we pretend we eat it..and act like we like it...He may fall for it...lol
Well..that's about it for now....
This has been my first day out of bed in 6 days!
I had an awful urinary-tract & Kidney infection!
If there is one thing I can say guys & girls...1st time you suspect a urinary,bladder or kidney issue....
Race your butt to the doctor!
I think I would have rather gone through natural child birth again!!
Thank God for the help of my family....But a Priceless thanks goes out to my daughter Tiffany!
She was a jack of all trades for last week..on top of juggling tons of college crap!
Thank God Isaac loves her as much as me...cause he didn't have much choice for several days!....lol
But....on the other hand, it gave him some quality time helping teach his big sis how to brush up on her typing skills!
.....And, he helped her add some of his new pictures to her "Face Book"....lol
God Bless
October 9th, 2009
           HURRAY For Isaac!!
Isaac picked up a piece of food, and started eating it all by himself today!
For Isaac...this is a big deal!
He thought he was big stuff...lol
well....at least until it got small, wet & sticky...then he was upset...lol.
He does not like anything on his fingers.
Anyway..we are hoping this is going to be the beginning of a good thing!
He is very picky...so, one day at a time.....
October 19th, 2009
Well...where to start??
Isaac was at the vet again last Friday.
What's this..like the 6th time in the last 7 weeks??
This time he was put on yet another antibiotic!
One step forward...3 steps back!
No one offered to take his weight, take his temperature, nor any of the things any typical doctor would do!
I'm sorry....I don't mean to step on anyones toes...or down anyone,
but I have had about all I can take!
(Which by the way he is down to weighing 15oz!!)
I think some of these "professionals" are just afraid to step up to the plate and just admit ...."they Just don't know!!"
If you don't know what is going on..or how to treat an animal, just say so!
Maybe refer me to someone else!
It takes more balls to stand up and admit it then to hide behind lame excuses!
Isaac has steadily been going  down hill.
It is obvious something is very wrong.....and I need to know what it is.
I keep asking about blood work & ex rays.
We have to start the process of elimination somewhere!
All I get is excuses!
Isaac's  appetite should be much better then it is.
He should weigh more and be bigger then what he is.
All he wants to do is lay in my arms and sleep.
He shows no interest in food or playing.
This is not typical behavior for a 4 1/2 month old capuchin monkey!
He is spitting up more....sometimes loses his voice, and he just seems miserable.
I have been looking & looking for someone to help,someone to talk to.Most never even return a phone call! I guess my only option at this point, is to raise several hundred dollars (just for starters) and take Isaac 3 hours over to the other coast, in West Palm Beach.There is a vet there that is supposed to be one of the best with primates.He is very expensive...but knows is stuff. So.....I have just posted several of my best pairs of birds, some cages, and some other things to sell, to help raise the money to get Isaac over there. Not sure what the outcome will be...but I'm running out of options.I have been through months of hell with this little guy, and this nightmare has to stop somewhere.I'm tired of the roller coaster ride!! I don't sleep well at night.I spend hours laying there trying to figure out what could possibly be wrong or what I can do or where I can go or who I can turn to!I read & I study & I research......only to find nothing!Isaac is just like a 4 month old human to me.He looks at me as if to say..."help me"...As long as he is curled up in my arms...he seems quite content.Like any child when they are not feeling well, he just wants to be held & to feel secure. I just need some answers!A little over a month ago, Isaac was starting to crawl...play with his toys...hop across the floor..swing from his toys...then all of a sudden...he started going down hill.He has never quite came back. All I know is that I love this little guy, and I want him better!I want him to live a normal, healthy, happy monkey life.Whether it be here or with another family.Somehow, someway.....I have got to make that happen. I guess just keep us in your prayers.We are doing all we can do......one step at a time.
Hopefully I will find the help I need, to get Isaac through this!
I still believe, that True Love....never fails.
October 20th, 2009
Well, I finally spoke with a very reputable Primate vet today.
As I thought...he said that Isaac should have had Blood work &
x-rays several visits ago.
He couldn't understand why this had not been done!
We won't even go there right now!
Anyway, to make a long story short....It looks like $500-$700 and a 3 hour trip to the other coast, will get Isaac started with someone who can actually help find out what is going on & what to do about it.
So...I'm doing my best to raise money to get him over there ASAP.
I sat with Isaac last night, and cried out to God for help.
After all, anything & everything good comes from God!
I know when it comes down to it...he is the "Healer"...the almighty physchian.
I know he already has a plan & a purpose.
So I know he sees what I'm going through with Isaac, and I know he has a plan.
It may not be what I want, when I want it....But I know he is always right.
I'm just not good at waiting..
I just prayed that he would give me the strength to get through this & a sense of peace.
I am willing to do whatever he wants.....as long as he guides me through & that I was hoping he would heal little Isaac.
I know from lots of experience, that he will get me through this, just as he has with so many other things...so many other times.
Seasons in my life may change....but Thank God, he never does!
Just as I ended my prayers.....eyes full of tears....heart full of hurt...
I heard softly....."Be Still And Know That I am God "
Gives me goose-bumps!
I know somehow, someway...it is all going to be okay...
One prayer at a time..
October 23rd, 2009
God Answers Prayer!
Well, thanks to a Phone call bright and early this morning from a dear friend ......we have almost met our goal to get Isaac to the vet!
I got a call this morning from a good friend, Debbie Brees`e.
I have bought several birds from her...one being the pair of Fancy Green cheeks I listed to sell.
I didn't want to sell them...but this one of the only pairs I had left that I knew could provide a big chunk of the money needed.
Anyway she offered to buy the pair back, plus a few other birds that I had listed for sale.
So I met her this morning, and  we traded birds and money....lol
I just want to say a special thanks to Debbie!
Not only are we just a few bucks away from the money we need to raise...But I know my birds are in a wonderful home!
So...Isaac has an appointment set for a week from today.
He will have to be put under with gas...blood work will be done, as well as x-rays, fecal exam & possibly a few other test.
Hopefully..this will shed light on things, and we can get little Isaac on the road to recovery.
I mean there is the possibility that they find nothing,
but I'm praying that is not the case.
As always...step-by-step we go!
I have to say, the last 2 days Isaac has seemed a little more active, and showing a little more interest in eating.
He discovered last night that he really likes the baby sweet potatoes. ....at least for today...lol
So that is a good thing.
Anyway..that's all for now.....
God Bless
October 29th, 2009
A-h-h-h.....the "Big Trip"!
Well, tomorrow is the big day!
The 3 hour drive to the vet in West Palm Beach!
I sure hope this sheds some light on things.
The last few months have been some of the longest, hardest months of my life.
(for more reasons then one!!)
He has been eating a little better the last few days, (as far as hi bottle goes)..but not much changing with his weight.
This leads me to believe it could be liver issues.
Guess we will find out huh?
Anyway....I want to give out a few more special thanks.
I wanna thank the Brudell family over in West palm.
They are meeting me tomorrow to purchase a few birds from us.
This money...will take care of the balance needed for Isaac's visit,
& just in the nick of time!
Isn't God great!!
He truly does answer prayer & provide!
We has almost all of it saved..the blew a tire Sunday night.
There went $100 out the window!
Hey, at least it happend a few miles from home & not half way to West Palm beach!
I'm Thankful!....Anyway,
I also want to thank a friend Abby...she purchased a love bird from me a year ago. She sent me an email a few days ago, and said she had read Isaac's story, and wanted to help by filling up our gas tank for the big trip!
Wow..what a blessing!
I have to stop and say...that every time I feel like giving up...getting out of the birds & animals...with drawing from people ..and crawling in a hole.....
God sends me people like this!
& Not just people....friends!
I have met & got involved with some real "doosies"...over the last few years...(especially the last few months)
But I have to say...I have also met some of the most unique people & made some of the nicest friends as well.
....and you know who you are...& you out -weigh the bad by far.
I thank God for you everyday.
As for the "doosies"....lol
I just flat out pray for them!
I am greatfull to a lot of people.
Not just those of you have bought a bird..or have given a monetary
Some of the emails of support & prayers are priceless!
Friends like Nisa who always offer to ride on my long road trips or lend a shoulder to cry on.
Friends like Steve & Bruce who call and check in weekly, come & visit, and offer to help in any way they can.
Some who just call and offer  a few hours away & out to lunch...
Some who offer to come and help with the plants...or the bird cages...
I still laugh when I think of the person who told me a few weeks back, with such certainty...."No one does anything for free!"
I guess what they really meant, was they them self would never do anything for free, because I sure have experienced a lot of it lately....
& God knows I've done my share!
Anyway...thanks for everything!
I can't say it enough.
Even if you weren't mentioned...or maybe you read about Isaac and we have never met...
Thanks for your interest.
He is quite the special lil'guy.
As soon as we get the results back from the doctor..I will update the site.
Hopefully I will have some new pictures of Isaac to post as well.
Isaac may even be getting his own little News Paper story!
Well, a lot to do before tomorrow.
Take care & God Bless You all......
October 31st, 2009
Sorry I didn't get to update the site about Isaac's vet visit yesterday.
We had a long day, and shortly after arriving home, we almost lost him.
Thank God For Knowing CPR!!
Anyway...I am still running around today trying to get all the things that the doctor ordered.
As Soon as I get a chance to sit down and catch my breath...I will fill ya in.
Stil waiting on some test results, but I did get a call on the blood work this morning.
Things don't look good for lil Isaac....
First off....Yesterday was a long ride to West Palm.
We got there , talked with the vet about Isaac's history up to this point.
I brought along all of his medical records  to the day, as well as the journal that I have been keeping on him.
I discussed my concerns with him about the spitting up, the random face swelling, lack of energy, weight loss, not growing, and every other concern I could think of.
After we talked a few minutes,
they took him, put him under with gas...then they did blood work, 2 ex-rays, fecal-culture, fecal smear, & a comprehensive-profile.
We went over the ex-rays first. The ex-rays showed so much gas & bloating that the he could not see the kidneys.
Vet said he is a little puzzled about the excessive gas.
He also explained that his bone density was awful.
He said Isaac is very under-nourished.
His body is lacking calcium & protein, and is absorbing very little if any nutrients from his food.
Said the color of Isaac's stolls were of some concern...but the fact that they were well formed was a good thing...yet a little puzzling considering all the other factors.
He said that this is something that could very well be genetic.
He recomended some mylanta..a few drops several times a day for the gas.
He recomended trying to get as much protein & calcium in him as we can.
Trying hard boiled egg whites, scrambled eggs, fresh meal worms, even some beef or chicken baby food in the formula.
Said we need to get him on a vitamin containing  D3....
so we found and infant vitamin called poly-visol.
we are to give him that..just a few drops several times a day as well.
He said Isaac is a very sick little monkey......
said he is not sure what he can do for Isaac at this point.
He recomended that we start over...rule everything out, & start with a process of eliminatio
So...$757  later..we headed back home.
The whole way home Isaac was very sleepy and out of it.
he sounded congested and his breathing was vey labored.
Shortly after we arrived home...Isaac started doing his."I'm hungry cry"...I guess si, he hadn't eaten in 8 hours!
So I made him a very small bottle.
He started to take a sip, then turned away.
I figured he was still a little out of it...so I didn't pursue it.
I took him over to his bed, changed his diaper, and then proceeded back the hall.
All of sudden..I noticed him raise up, hunch over, and looked as though he wanted to vomit...but nothing was coming out.
Then he started gasping like he could not breath.
I ran him into the bed room..laid him down and began CPR.
He became very limp, he stopped breathing, and when I listened...I heard no heart beat.
I screamed fro my daughter...and said "he is not breathing...I can't go through this again"
I didn't give up.
Still no response.
I stopped for sec...and he just laid there...no sign of life.
I screamed out" please God...don't let this happen!!"
I began CPR again..I noticed his eyes move and he twitched..
I held him up-side down, & swun him through my legs (as I was taught to do with aspirating puppies)
He spit up a little clear liquid...started to gasp...and was trying to cry.
All I know..he he is still alive...and he never left my sight all night!
I slept on the couch, with him on my chest.
Bloodwork: (this morning)
The vet called me bright & early this morning.
He said he had the Blood work back.
His Exact words were...."I don't know how Isaac is still living, his bloodwork is atrocious!!"
He said his white blood count is 1.8..(not good!)
...he is extremeley anemic,
....his hemoglobin is only 1/2 of what it should be,
...protein is 1.2 and should be between 3-6,
....SPTP, a enzyme in the liver is very high, while one of the other liver enzymes was very low...said this was puzzling too!
...said his kidneys look to be normal,
....said as we know, he has very poor digestion.....
He explained...Basically..it is like he is slowly starving.
He mentioned the low white blood count, can sometimes produce fluid in the lungs..which could possibly be what is causing the congestion sound, but infection can't be ruled out either.
We have to be very careful how we treat Isaac, because some of the medicines and such, can counteract other problems.
We are still waiting for some other test results, that will be in on Monday.
I spent all day today trying to get all the stuff the vet recomended we get Isaac started on.
So here is where we are:
Along with his normal sensative stomach formula, I have to try to mix in *baby food with beef of chicken (for protein)
* a little powder protein (more protein & weight) & Pancrea-zyme
(this is to help his pancreas break down food so he can better digest it)
He has to have a few drops of Mylanta several times a day to keep the gas & bloating down.
He has to have a few drops of Rennet,several times a day, another type of enzyme (it is used in making cheese)
this will also help him process and absorb nutrients from his food.
* Bene-bac...1cc 3-4 times a day...to help replace good bacteria in his body , that alot of his previous medications may have depleted him of.
*Poly-visol...a liquid infant vitamin, a few drops many times a day.
this will help provide vitamin D3 & Iron.
* As much sunlight as possible!
Dr. Zeitlin said that more extensive testing should be done..like some biopsies of the intestines and so on...but Isaac is just to little & under nourished to under-go all that right now.
Also  TB testing should be done, but once he is older & in better health.
Anyways...this has been a lot to take in, and I'm so emotionally drained it is pathetic!
At this point, Isaac is running a low fever, and all he wants to do is sleep.
His breathing is still labored, still sounds congested on and off and he seems a little restless at times.
At least he is still eating at this point, and his stools have been good today.
One step at a time.
I have to face the fact that I could lose Isaac at anytime.
All I can do..is what I have been doing....My best!
I can tell you...Dr Zeitlin is a very intelligent man, knows his stuff, and I wish I would have found him 4 months ago!
Bottom line, God has a plan for little Isaac.....& nothing change that.
While he is in my life....I will give all I can to do what is best for him.
Just feel like I'm running out of options....
No one could love him like I do....
I will keep ya posted with monday's results.
Thanks again for caring & prayers...
God Bless
November 2nd, 2009
Opened this up first thing this morning..I needed to hear it!
I know it, just needed to hear it!!
You're Not Going Under
"Therefore, those also who suffer according to the will of God shall entrust their souls to a faithful Creator in doing what is right." - 1 Peter 4:19
I've said it for years, there is nothing good that God brings into your life by way of transformation that He doesn't bring through the funnel of perseverance. If God can get that one characteristic into your life, He can truly make you what He wants you to be.
First Peter 4:19 encourages us with, "Therefore let those who suffer according to God's will entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good."
Did you hear what you're supposed to do? Entrust your soul to your faithful Creator. God is faithful to you. He's got His hand on the thermostat. The fire will not get too hot. He's watching the depth gauge; this trial will not get too deep. God puts up the boundaries to your trials. "That's all. That's my daughter. I know what she can handle. Not that much. Not there. Not now."God protects His own. He will not allow youto be tried beyond what you are able to take. And in the middle of it all, He tells you to entrust yourself to His care.
God knows you better than you know yourself. You're not going to lose it; you're going to be okay. You don't know what you are capable of when you're resting in God's strength and not your own. You're going toget through this one way or another. It's not going to last forever and you will get through it - because God is faithful. He's not tired and He's not wondering when this is going to be over.
Reassure yourself, "I'm not going under." You can keep going for another day, another week because God is producing staying power in you. The ability to remain in that marriage - as hard as it is. The ability to remain in that job - as hard as it is. The ability to stick with it in that difficult circumstance - no matter what. If God can produce in you that staying power, He can give you everything else.
The good's not coming if you quit. Listen, God can get every characteristic of Christ into your life if He can just teach you to stay in the game.
November 3rd, 2009
I got a call from the vet this afternoon.
The fecal results came back, and he said Isaac had grown no bad bacteria..and things looked good as far as that was concerned.
He asked how Isaac was doing, about his apetite, and breathing.
I explained that he breathing was better..he still sounded a little congested on and off.
(As I mentioned earlier..we think this may be due to fluid be produced due to low blood count.)
For the most part, he is about the same as he has been.
He is eating about the same, but I'm having a hard time getting some of these medications in him & he is not always welcome to new foods!
The vet said most important at this time is getting the vitamins, protein and nutrients in him.
The sunlight is pretty important too!
We started him on the pancrezyme yesterday.
As soon as I added it to his bottle...he knew it!
He doesn't want anything to do with it.
This is gonna be fun!
It is a powder...so you have to really be creative.
It is important though..because it will help his pancreas break down the food better, so he can digest & absorb more.
He hates the vitamins too!
The vet said to keep up the good work..and maybe there is a chance we can get him turned around.
I have my work cut out for me!
So I journal everything each day.
What he eats.. when..how much...color of stools, weight, ect.
So..at this point..it is day by day.
We are to keep him notified of any changes and if all goes well, and Isaac puts on some weight & gains some strength, then we can persue some more extensive testing.
For now...we just take each day as it comes.
We will keep ya posted...and try to up date some new pictures.
Happy Fall everyone......
November 15th, 2009
Well...Just a little update on Isaac...
He is holding his own for the most part...for the moment.
He had  few bad days last week with some diareha and vomiting.
The vet put him back on some antibiotics, typically used for bacteria infections.
Anyway..within 2 days he was back to what is normal for little Isaac.
He is starting to eat better...and pick up a little weight.
He has went from barley 14oz up to 15.5oz now.
Still WAY below what he should be...but hey..something is better then nothing!!
Just over the last 3- 4 days he has started to play a little more..
You look over and he is playing with his toys...and starting to pull himself up by his toys...
He is so dang cute.
Anyway..we have to remind ourselves, that Isaac is still not out of harms way.
We just have to take each day as it comes, and take the good with the bad.
It is very hard, frustrating & painful sometimes.
The Dr says he sure hopes we can get him turned around.
Not a whole lot more we can do at this point.
Once Isaac grows a little..gets some weight on, and is a little more healthy..
He will have to go back for more blood work and e-xrays.
I need time to raise the money again..lol
So..anyway...as for today..he is doing pretty good...
As for tonight......
Well lets just say we take each moment as it comes.
Thanks again for
all you concern
& Prayers.
God Bless
November 27th, 2009
Hope all had a happy & relaxing Thanksgiving!!

Just a little up date on Issac.
So far, the last 2 weeks he has been in better spirits.
He is off the anibiotics, and will soon be off the bene-bac.
He will have to remain on the protein drink mix & Vitamins in his formula,
and still takes some stuff for gas & bloating prevention.
He is eating a little better.
Still not big on trying new foods, but we have been able to introduce new veggies and stuff into his bottle, and are making it much thicker as far as the cereal goes.
He has started to experiment with a water bottle on his cage...lol.
In order to try any new food...he has to be totally convinced that I'm eating it...lol..
I called the vet & gave him an update...seemed optimistic, but said we are still not to get to excited, and to tkae it day by day, and for me "to keep up the good work"
Once Isaac gets a little more weight on, and holds his own for a few weeks, then we can make plans to re-do all the blood work and possibly more exrays.
Which for me means coming up with a few hundred dollars again, and another road trip to West Palm Beach!
Issac is slowly putting on a little weight, and (knock-on-wood)
has been playing with toys, starting to bounce around a little, and act like a little monkey should.
He is just a little behind in the game.
Isaac was 5 months old the 16th of this month...so He should be twice his weight and size and way more active....But we are just happy to see positive progress.
Now the concern heavy on my heart, is where Isaac will spend his life
With the pressure on from the breeders for a large some of money to keep Isaac....and time flying by....
I know in my heart I can't come up with the kind of money that is being demanded...nor can I afford the other option...going to court!
I have exhausted my resources just trying to keep this little guy alive...much less trying to stay afloat in all other areas of life!!
Either way....I want what is best for Isaac & his future...not just the "here & now"!!
So, I will do what I have to do!
I don't want to go into to much detail on the matter at this point...
But I had to feel a little appauled, yet had to laugh,..
when I found out a few days ago, that my records from Florida Fish & Game had been requested...so that
certain people could see what "qualifications" I had to hold the permits I have :o....& I guess to see what qualifies me to care for Isaac...?
They don't even wanna get me started....lol
The vet says Isaac is Miracle....
I know it is by God's Grace.....
BUT,..... I can't help but believe that I had something to do with it!!
I think had Winston been caught & treated early....He would still be alive.
I guess you really never know.
I do Know if anyone ever needs and incredible vet, 'Dr Ziteland over in West Palm is one of the best!
He is very well known.
He cares for all the monkeys at "Monkey Jungle" in Miami, and several top breeders of various primates & exotics all over.
Just wish he were closer...
Well..have to run...and get all the critters cared for.
Again thanks for all the emails, prayers and concern....
God Bless & Happy Holidays to all
       .........................Continued on page "Isaac part III"
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