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              Isaac The "Miracle Monkey" Part III
December 21,2009
Merry Christmas!
Sorry I haven't updated in awhile.
Issac seems to be holding his own for the most part.
He is slowly putting on weight...eating pretty well..and his motor skills are getting better everyday.
He is still not very open to trying  new foods...but we just keep trying.
He still loves his bottle!
He has at least been better about trying new stuff in his bottle.  His favorite thing now is sweet potatoes.
He has tried some squash and carotts..he seemed to think they were ok.
He is off most of his medication for now.
He still takes daily vitamin drops, protein mixed in his formula, and still has to have gas drops quite often.
He still has issues with is stools, gas & bloating sometimes, but for the most part is making positive progress.
He also has issues from time to time with upset stomach & vomiting, but that is slowly getting better too.
We just take each day as it comes, try not to get ahead of ourselves & try not to take anything for advantage.
This week has been a very tuff week and Issac has been feeling it too.
A week ago this past saturday...my father in law took his life.
We loved him very much...so did Issac.
Wasn't anyone that met him that didn't love him.
He was one of the sweetest most hardworking people I had ever met.
                                   Always in our hearts(1939-2009)
His loss  was very devistating...
this past week we have all been very out of sorts. Issac could sense it. For several days he just laid in his cage snuggling his bear. He was still eating good and all was normal...he was just very calm. even when I got him out..he would  curl up under my neck and just snuggle with me.
Animals are very smart and tuned into every detail of their enviorment.
Issac may not have known the details...but I think he could sense my pain.
Just in the last 2 days, as things have started to calm down..he is back to playing & getting into everything.
He loves his cage though...even when he is out..he rund back in to play...he has so many toys and things to swing from.
He is getting real good at climbing.
he has learnded to drink from a water bottle..and play with it as well...lol
He is getting better all the time at useing his hands to pick little things up and put them in his mouth.
He explores the living room now..before he wouldn't leave the couch.
Our living room looks more like a daycare centere then a living room...lol
Anyway..he is making progess and we just take each day as it comes....moment by moment.
This week made me  realize that very often we get to comfortable with things in life and take a lot for advantage.
In a blink of any eye our whole world can be turned upside down & inside out!
The plans we make for an hour from now...could be shattered in  a heart beat.
I look at Issac today and expect him to be the same tomorrow.....
But when I think back a month ago...I remember wondering
if he was gonna make it through the the night.
This past weeks has really taught me that it is not all about the storms in my life...it is about learning to dance in the rain.
 All I can say is the past year has been an exceptionally tuff one for me...and It is only by God's strength  I have made it through.
I thank those of you who read this , call me & email me.
Thanks for your kind words, concern & prayers.
May God Bless you this Christmas and in the New Year!
Here are a few recent pictures of the little man:
" Stretching before the big workout!"
"ooh-ooh-..pick me..pick me!"
"so you think you can dance"
"Is this close enough?"
January 3rd ,2010
Happy New Year To All.........!!!
Sorry I have not updated latley..been a tuff few weeks.
I actually had to fly to York PA this past monday.
My oldest son tyler was visiting his dad in fairfield PA.
Monday around noon he was thrown through the passenger window of a truck that was moving at a high rate of speed.
He was flown to the trama unit of a hospital in York PA.
When I got the call monday afternoon, I was told he was non-responsive, had lost a lot of blood...suffered major head & brain trama...and it didn't look good.
I sent out calls to several churches and he was put on prayer chains all over & I was on the 1st plane out.
By tuesday morning tyler was starting to respond, was breathing on
on his own..the brain swelling and bleeding were going down..and the trama doctor was optimistic and amazed!
Wed he was moved to a normal room.
He has been making steady progress since.
He is now standing..walking..& eating with minimal assistance.
He will be supervised and in re-hab for awhile as his brain continues to heal.
He suffered bruised ribs & lungs....several stitches in his head...various scrapes, bruises & cuts....and a fractured eye socket & a severe concusion.
He is one very lucky young man!!
He is very lucky to be alive.
Most people that suffer the trama that tyler did..in the area of the brain he did...either remain in acoma...or suffer perm brain damage..possibly a vegatative state.
God absoloutley answers prayer!!!
None of the other 5 in the vehicle were injured.
Boy driving was 16 & had been drinking.
Imagine that! Hope this was a lesson well learned.
On top of all the other trials & tribulations of this past year..this was "the straw that broke the camels back!"
My daughter Tiff has been holding down the fort and caring for Issac as well as the other critters.
I don't know what I would do without her.
While I have been away..Issac has had some stomach issues..but other then that has been fine for the most part.
He misses mommy.
When I call..tiffany puts the phone on speaker & when I say hi to Issac in the goofy voices & nick names that I do...he does his smileing...shaking his head and licks the phone.
I think it is cute that he knows it's me...and responds like he does.
He has been a little out of sorts since I have been gone.
Lucky for me...he loves tiffany to pieces....and she is so good with him.
He def tries her patience when she changes his diaper...lol
Anyway..I am praying & having faith that this new year brings better blessings.
It has been hard on top of everything else..with Issac's issues..my father in laws suicide..and my sons accident....to cope with life.
I know I could never have made it this far in my own strength.
I thank God & all those who have kept me in their prayers and thoughts.
Happy New Year everyone & may God bless you.~
February 7th, 2010
Just a little update on Isaac.
Not a lot has changed. He has not grown much & hasn't really gained much weight.
He is still a very fickle eater, and still has his stomach issues.
Sometimes it is very frustrating  just because you try everything and nothing seems to work.
Just when you think things are looking normal....he will have one of his little episodes.
He will do great for a week or two....then he will have a few days of not eating well..abnormal stools, and just not quite himself.
Last week he tried some new food..but shortly after he would take a few bites..he acted like he was choking & gagging.
Then he would get sick a few times...then lay around a bit...then all of a sudden he would jump up & start playing like nothing ever happened!
I guess the frustrating part is wondering if he will ever be normal or healthy.
When an animal suffers genetic issues, such as Isaac is..it can cause on going problems that can shorten their life span or sometimes they can grow out of it.
I'm praying he grows out of it.
I'm greatful that he is playing and acting more like a monkey...at least eating well and holding his own..
We need to take him back to the specialist & get his ex-rays & bloodwork done again and see if there have been any changes or any info that may help us better understand how to help him.
He still gets the "congested" sound from time to time...the vet believes that he is still getting  a little fluid build up in his lungs from his abnormal blood count.
Nevertheless...Isaac's little abnormalities don't keep him from getting into trouble...lol
He has an obsession with paper!
He is forever trying to tear and eat my calendar...bills anything he can get his little hands on.
If you are eating or drinking anything, he is sure he should try it too!
He does not care much for the word.."NO"!..or that it pertains to him!!
He has become quite "special" when it is diaper changing time.
It's like he has 4 hands & 4 feet...lol....kicking, screaming, grabbing..squirming....twisting.
Thank God for his tail....I don't know what I would hold onto...lol
WE are both tired and covered in A&D ointment by the time the mission is accomplished!
He has not become any more fond of bath time either.
He is starting to really observe TV though.
When ever I have to go out side or run an eron...and he can't go, I turn on the tv for him. He seems to like the channel "sprout" for young kids.
He really loves the show "Zaboomafoo"....I get a kick out of watching his facil expressions , hair line move..and the little noises he makes.
He gets smarter by the day...more curious, and more cordinated. ..along with this, more brave & adventureous!
We try to take him for car rides & socialize him when it is possible. He loves to go to the Mcdonalds drive -thru.
The employees there love him..and give him free fries...lol
He is still very nervous of strange people..especially when he is away from home and out of his comfort zone.
He is still young...and will get better with time.
Monkeys need to approach people when they are comfortable. They don't like to be pushed!!
Anyway...Issac is doing ok...better then 3 months ago.
He is making some progress. We just take it step -by- step....day-by-day & take the good with the bad & know in our hearts that it is all in the good Lord's Hands!
I have had several people email me about wanting to donate dipaers, wipes, formula, even money towards his vet bills.
I have even had people suggest setting up a pay-pal account for that purpose.
Just want to say thanks so much to all of you have been so supportive. It is apprecieated more then you could even imagine.
I'm just not comfortable with some things...but if you have something  you want to donate, you can contact me and we can go from there.
Again...thank you so much for all your prayers, concern & help!
May God Bless you the way you bless others.
Hope all of you have had a great start in the new year, and have a loving Valentines day!
(I will try to get some recent pictures of him put on soon.)
February 12th, 2010
Isaac is still holding his own...but still having issues. He has had a few bad days this past week.
He is at the point where he wants to try all kinds of new & solid foods...but I have come to the assumption that Isaac def has some type of esophagus problem and possibly some type of irritable bowel problem.
As I described last month...he just can't seem to swollow properly...and tends to get blocked...thus either choking..or vomiting. Then his stools have been unusally soft..also causing diaper rash!
The fun never ends!
So..it is very frustrating!
He is very picky about his bottle and his "flavor" preference.
One time it's sweet potatoes..next time it is a different fruit!
Then we mix in some cereal and alternate vitamins & protein.
It can't be to thick or to thin...nor can it be to hot or to cold!..Uggggg!
I spoke to the vet a few days ago & we are working on getting him back over for follow up blood work, ex-rays, and some testing on his esophagus & digestive tract.
So...I am saving  for that..in hopes for some answers & solutions.
Isaac loves his cage & all his toys! Even when I leave his doors open for play time...he still runs in and out...dragging toys in and out..lol....
Although we are in the market to get him a much bigger cage....he loves his "2-story condo"..lol!
He still has his favorite bear & loves his nap time.
Our whole living room has been transformed into "Isaac's Play ground"...he's working on the kitchen now...lol
He goes to bed every night about 11....He gets covered up...and we put "Smooth Jazz" on for him.
His new thing is sucking on the tip of his tail...lol....whatever Peels your banana I guess!!
He is climbing & jumping very well...learning to carry things in his hand and run acros the room ..looks so funny! He has even took a few steps, up-right on 2 feet!
Little man is growing up!
Anyway...all in all....we are getting by and taking it day by day.
Praying that we can some how get Isaac on track & hopefully he can live a long, healthy life!
Hoping Isaac & Nomi will get a long great...and have a wonderful life!
Agagin...Thanks for all the prayers, wonderful emails  & concern. It means more then you could ever imagine.
Take care & God Bless
March 23rd, 2010
HappyBegining of SpringEveryone!!
Well we are off to visit the doctor on the other coast tomorrow!
Isaac has had a few bad days...gave me a few good scares...so we gave the doctor a call.
Isaac has been losing weight again & continues to struggle with eating & swallowing.
He will go for some ex-rays and a berium test to see if we can figure out what the problem(s) are.
I however...need some serious anxiety medicine!!!
Things are to the point here, that I am  gonna downsize on  some of my birds, and try to simplify in  a few other areas of my life.
I know some of the problem is medical related...but I am at the end of my rope!
Things I once enjoyed have now become a burden.
Crappy economy & rising prices have made things really tuff & hard to cope with..
I guess in my heart, I knew shortly after Isaac came here, that he was going to be a "special needs child"
I guess I was just hoping & believing that  we were over the hump...after he started showing what I thought was progress.
I guess I will have to face the fact, that Isaac may never be 100%...that he may always have issues & that I can't plan to far head or get to comfortable.
It is hard to grasp when you are holding him..trying to help him get through one of what I call "his episodes"...
that this could be it!..He may not pull through!
I always know when it is happening. He becomes very slow..crawls into my arms..looks me in the eyes, and starts to make this very weak crying like noise.
His breathing becomes very labored...and he sounds congested like...and I can see he is struggling to breath & swallow. I usually have to try & massage is throat..bounce & pat him or even help push down the blockage..  
Sometimes it results in him vomiting & pushing it upor sometimes it eventually goes down.
My heart is racing...my adrenalin rushing..knots in my stomach & throat ...trying to remain calm.
When it is over..and he appears back to himself, I just feel like I'm gonna fall apart...& like I just can't take it anymore!
I feel like there has to be an end to this.
Isaac is like one of our kids & is def a huge part of our family.
He is not just a "pet monkey"...not saying that pets aren't important..but some peopl just don't understand.
Isaac's loss would be very devistating.
Anyway..we are praying for a safe trip tomorrow and that we find some kind of answers.
I am downsizing & selling some of my pairs of birds.
Isaac along with a few recent life changes...has made me realize..that I really need to simplify the things in my life...that I can...for awhile.
Isaac's on going "special needs"..is getting very costly.
I'm sure it will continue..at least for awhile...maybe for the rest of his life.
I'm very angry on the inside...and kind of feel that someone is responsible for all this...and they should pay!
Maybe that is not the right attitude...but that is easy to say when you are not the one going through it!
I firmly believe had things been done right from the begining...Isaac would not be going through all this...neither would I!!
It is by Gods grace & strength...on my part...that things have not become much more ugly.
I know in the end...he will take care of it.
I will try to update once we find out what the doctor has to say tomorrow.
Thanks once again for reading..caring & for all the prayers & kind emails.
May God Bless You...
"Where's Isaac..?"...lol
(his new bedroom)
April 2nd, 2010
Back to Square one!
Well...another 3 hour drive and $400 later...we find out that all the things the vet suspected might be Isaac's problem...are not.
So...as he said...that is  really good news...but the frustrating thing is that we don't know what is causing his eating problem.
Isaac is now 7 months old, and still weighs just over a pound.
The Dr did several ex-rays ,a berium test, a fecal and  some other evaluations.
He said that his Bone density is  much better, and that he has made a huge turn around compared to the last time he saw him.
He explained that it is a day by day process with Isaac...and to keep doing what ever it is that I've been doing.
I felt apart, cried, and expressed .."you don't know how hard that is!!"
Isaac still eats several bottles a day because he has such a difficult time eating most solid foods.
We still battle with bloating, gas, stomach pains...vomiting..diarhea...picky eating, choking.....ect
It has been almost 8 months of pure hell....with a splash of enjoyment.
Don't get me wrong...I love Isaac...and I'm so greatful that he has made some progress...but sometimes the weeks of frustration, drown out the 1 or two good days that we experience.
The next step is finding a scope small enough to fit down Isaac's throat. Then we go back again to see if we can find anything else out.
Until then..we take it day by day as always.
Just monitoring & documenting everything he eats, and everything he does.
One of our biggest prayers, is that he grows out of some of these issues.
So...all-n-all...I drove home from the vet that day feeling like I had accomplished nothing.
By all means, Dr. Ziteland is a phenominal vet...If there was anything to be seen or found...I have full confidence he would find it.
Isaac is just a mysterey right now. Genetic issues can be quite complex.
I just drove there..anticipating some "black & white...obvious answers"...there just aren't any!
Along with Isaac..I have some other financial burdens and concerns of the heart...that in return bring tough decisions to be made.
So...I just hold on the best I can to hope & faith....pray a lot...and keep my eyes on the Good Lord above...who has gotten me through all this so far.
As always...I thank all of those who continue to pray & show concern for Isaac.
It is priceless!
   I hope all of You have a happy Blessed Easter Holiday!
Sharin Sum Love......
..This  here tail is starting to come in handy!......
April 19th, 2010
Isaac is  declining.
Dr. Ziteland called me a few days ago with the suggestion that he felt the next best step for Isaac is to go to the University in Gainesville Fl.
where they have advanced equipment & hopefully a scope  small enough to use on Isaac.
I spoke with them today & Isaac has an appt first thing wed morning.
I was told that Isaac will have to go through a full and thorough exam, basically starting once again..at square one!
Blood work..cultures, ex-rays...ect...
Depending on what they find...he made need to stay anywhere from 1-3 days, & may possibly need an MRI.
In a nut shell... costing anywhere from $900-$1400, not to mention the 3 1/2 hour drive there.
Issac has been losing weight pretty rapid over the last week.
Saturday he could not keep anything down.
I tried his formula with nothing in it...he vomited right away.
I tried some plain jar fruit....he vomited
I tried Mylanta & Mylacon drops...which usually help.....but no relief in site!
Finally late sat night...I made him some herbal mint tea & gave it to him drop-by-drop with a syringe.
He kept all 6cc's down.
6cc's is not much..but it was something & sure better then nothing.
At about midnight...I gave him a bottle with 1oz mint tea, 1/2 oz formula, and a dab of rice cereal...he was able to eat and keep it down.
Finally he fell asleep...& then after laying there staring at him for a bit...so did I.
Sunday morning I made him another bottle mixture with the tea & formula.
Thank God...he kept it down.
The next feeding, we tried again. This time...no luck. He got sick and it all came back up.
The rest of the day sunday & so far today...we have had no luck with keeping anything down.
I have been through  fruit....formula...pedi-asure.....pedialite....gatorade....mint tea..boullian...you name it!
He is such a little trooper though.
He is still trying to play..and after he gets sick, he comes back to try and eat again.
Breaks my heart.
He has struggled with gas & acid reflux..so I had been trying some of the herb "slippery Elm" in his formula.
At first it appeared that it might be helping, but I think his issues are far beyound that.
I notice his facial color is a bit more pale, and his stools have become very dark & small.
He cries a lot...I know he is so hungry...but what do ya do.
He sits patiently on the table,  whimpering as I try to find something else he can try.
So far...not much luck....so to speak.
Usually after a few times of getting sick...he gives up and walks off to find something or someone else to comfort him.
That's when I fall apart.
So often I wish he could talk and tell me what hurts & what he is feeling.
I have called the vets a few times...they don't know what to tell me, other then to try and keep him hydrated.
As I sit here and watch him curled up on a blanket..between my arms as I type...his stomach gurgling...rapid breathing...my heart aches & my eyes fill with tears.
I feel so helpless.
On the other hand, at the very same time..I feel angry & full of rage!
This is not fair!
If it weren't for selfish people "in-breeding" these animals....this would not be happening!
At first I thought it was just a freak thing...
then I realized...when you knowingly let the same animals, in one enclosure,
 mass re-produce...with out adding new stock and taking away ....
that is no accident!
It is common sense!
I want this stopped.
How can I sit back and do nothing? What am I afraid of?
What have I got to lose?
I have spent the last 8 1/2 months going through hell ,selling all I have, to spend thousands of dollars on vet bills & watching Isaac suffer.
I think Florida Fish & Game & the USDA and whoever else is supposed to be out there protecting the best interest of these animals....
needs to step up to the plate !!
If someone puts in a complaint that a dog is barking...or on a chain...or an animal is in to small of a cage...or anything minor is reported...everyone is knocking down the door!
When Winston passed away...they were all here investigating me!
Why wasn't someone investigating where he came from?
Isaac has been sick since 7 days old...another man who used to broker for these breeders delt with numerous sick babies.....why is this not being investigated?
No one will report anything cause they are afraid!
Well I'm not...I want something done!
I think part of the problem here....is the breeders have money.
When you are "financially set"....you can buy your way out of just about anything!
I have sat back & been quiet far to long.
I don't care about the breeders...I do care about the monkeys!
Someone has to be their voice!
I will contact the local papers...local news...what ever I have to do to get something done.
Another good question...how can you sell an animal with a health certificate...if it has never been checked by a vet?
A good friend of mine contacted these breeders & inquired about the baby they now have for sale& listed on www.primatestore.com.
He was told the baby was still on the mom, and would be pulled the day of the "transaction"!
They were asked..."how can you advertise it with a health certificate if it hasn't even been seen by a vet?"...
The response was that the vet could view the baby from the holding pen while it was still on the mom!
I'm no dummy!
I was told a vet could lose their license for such a transaction!
A health certificate implies to me that the baby has been physically seen by a vet.
I know blood work & fecal test are optional...but the baby is supposed to be checked out
When I sold my dogs  a few months back...the vet would not give me a health certificate unless he had examined the dogs, and they had passed the worming test!
So how you an exotic animal be passed off with out any less?
So a person can buy what they think is a healthy baby monkey...but in all reality, the baby has never even been touched by a vet?
Pretty dang sad if you ask me!
But then when the baby comes up sick..or even dead, then they family suffering the loss is the one interrogated??
Something is wrong with this picture!!
I am gonna draw up a petition in reguards to all this.
So anyone that reads this..and has something they would like to voice...
drop me a line on my "contact page".
I spoke to a local news person today.
I think they are not sure if they wanna do this story.
They mentioned something in reference to ..researching to see if there had been similar complaints on this issue.
It took me 8 months to try & stand up for what is right....
I can't help wonder how many people have just hurt...and walked away...in fear of never being heard.
In  fear of trying to fight a battle they felt they would lose....
In fear of opening a can of worms that could cause issues in other areas of their life...
I can't tell you how many times I was told..."It happens...let it go".... or "It isn't worth it...no one will do anything"...or "your just gonna cause problems for yourself with people who can screw you"....
Oh well...I guess that's the chance I have to take.
Isaac may be little...but he is a huge part of our family.
I would not ignore the situation if it were one of my children....nor will Ignore it now!
I live & breath Isaac.
If I hadn't..he would be dead.
So now...I have to fight for what I know in my heart is right.
Isaac and all the other animals out there sure can't!
April 20th, 2010
Isaac is doing worse today.
He has diareha, a low fever, and has become life-less.
The only good thing, is that he has managed to keep down about an ounce of formula so far today.
Not much...but better then yesterday.
He is very weak and sleepy, shows no interest in anything &
he doesn't want to be alone at all.
He lays here with his warm , frale little body draped over my arm as I type this.
Breaks my heart. I feel so helpless.
I hope I am wrong, but I fear he won't make the trip home tomorrow.
In the morning bright & early, we headed out  on our 3 1/2 hour road trip to the vet, at the university in Gainesville Fl.
Our Last resort so to speak...or so it seems.
I want to optimistic...but I'm to emotionally drained.
I know that Isaac is in the Lords hands. He always has been.
I have learned a lot from Isaac and all that we have been through.
He has touched our family in un-explainable ways.
I know if he pulls through, it is def a miracle only God can perform.
I lay in bed almost every night..playing over in my head..questioning what can I do?...what could I have done different?..
can I put a stop to this?....ect ..ect...
I realize that it is not in my hands. It never was..nor will it ever be.
I often wonder...what would these animals say...if they could speak for even just a day?
What if they were our voice...what would they say?
I think we could learn alot from animals.
Maybe that is why God created them first.
We were put here to take care of them.
They were ment to be our friends.
Sad thing is...they hold their end of the deal...to often we don't.
You upset your spouse, friend, or child...see what happens.
Take your bad day out on the animal in your life...they stay right there..waiting for love.
I pray that Isaac gets better....if  that can't happen...I pray his suffering stops...
All Prayers apprecieated...
April 22nd, 2010
Let Isaac tell this one...
Momma Gena & my big siss Tiffany woke me up early.
Tried to feed me, but I just couldn't eat.
So they grabbed a bunch of my stuff & told me we were going to a place to get me some help.
We were headed to UFVMC in Gainesville Florida.
I made the long trip to Gainesville just fine.
I was so tired, so hungry & felt so yucky...that I slept most of the way.
We pulled up to this huge building and mom put me a crate with my favorite bear.
She calls him my "baby". I have slept with him since she brought me home.
She placed us both in a small crate & with tears in her eyes, she handed me to 3 strange
people I had never seen before.
They were wearing these long coats & weird things over their nose & mouth.
She began to cry as she turned to walk away...and said "Mommies not leaving you..I love you & it's all gonna be okay!"
I peered through the holes in my crate, scared to death...I started to scream as loud as I could.
As the people took me farther away.. they were talking softly to me telling me they were gonna try to help me,
but I just became more scared & screamed louder.
They put me on a small table, in a quiet room, by myself.
The room had a little window in it, that I would see them pass by and peek in at me.
They said this way they could keep an eye on me without disturbing me &  getting me upset.
I was in there for about an hour before they came to see me again.
I was so scared....Nothing looked or smelled familiar.
When they reached in to take me out of my crate..I was really scared.
They put a little thing over my nose...I started to get sleepy....
I didn't remember much of anything after that.
When I woke up...I had this weird tube in my nose that went down into my tummy, and I had this thing called an IV in me.
They said the tube was to help put food in my tummy & the IV was to give me something to drink.
They said I was very dehydrated...and because of my vomiting so much a few days before...
that fluid went into my lungs and had caused chronic pneumonia.
The pneumonia caused me to have an elevated white blood count & left me feeling quite crappy.
While I was asleep they put a tiny thing down my throat called a scope.
While they were doing this, they found that the very bottom part of the esophogus, called the sphincter, had what they called
a stricture. This ment that the little opening at the bottom of my esophogus, where the food passes into the stomach..was so tiny,
that barley anything could pass through.
They couldn't look at the inside of my stomach or my intestines like they wanted to, because the opening was so tight that they could not get the
scope in that far.
While I was asleep they also took a scrape from my lungs & trachea. They did lots of Diagnostics, blood work & some biopsies.
They want to find out why I have the stricture..what caused it..and if it can be fixed.
All my test results will be back on friday and this will help them to know better how to diagnose me.
They told my mom that often times strictures can be a long term issue.
Sometimes it leads to long term liquid feeding..or tube feeding.
Often times it is not fixable & and severley affects the quality of life.
With some esophous problems, they can do surgery that, consists of putting a ballon type thing in,
that expands the opening...but with me..it is at the base of my esophogus, and is a natural valve.
So to do that..would make things worse, becuse then the acids from my stomach would go up into my esophogus.
Right now we just have to wait on the results & go from there.
I'm still pretty scared...but all the people here are so nice..and I think they really like me, feel bad for me, and really
want to help me get better.
They are all very nice to me, and are constantly checking on me & telling me it's going to be ok & that they are trying to help me.
I'm in the ICU unit here...and I sure see a lot of different people...and get a lot of attention.
Really....I just wanna go home.
I know mom is having a hard time with all this.
She's always had a hard time with me being sick & having problems.
She always tells me & other people that I'm a special little monkey and what a trooper I have been.
I'm not sure how long I have to be here yet.
They said at least until monday. It all depends on what my test say, and what they have to do.
I miss my family, and running & playing at my house.
I miss all my toys, and playing & snuggling with my mom every night.
I miss watching tv & helping type on the computer...
I just wanna go home!!
I know mom would have not brought me here unless it is what was best for me.
There is just so much I don't understand.
The vet called my mom this morning and said that I seemed much stronger today.
That I did good through the night last night..&
I'm holding all my food down real good, have tolerated the IV & tube pretty well
and for the most part am being a pretty good boy!
They can't do much more until the get all my results tomorrow.
My mom is very nervous...not only about my results...or me being so far from home..but
so far my vet bill is going to be about $3300.
Depending on what they find & what are treatment options are...could be a lot more.
So for now...she says she is glad I'm ok...and we will take it moment by moment.
She says It is in God's hands....
The vet told me they will call her every morning & every night and update me.
They also said she could call anytime & check in.
They should have never told her that...she will call every 10 min.
They told her that I will be monitored closely...& not to worry.
Mom said Dr Zitelin, my other vet,called today to see how I was.
He is very concerned, and wants to keep in informed of my diagnoses & progress.
He told mom there are sugeries & things that can be done....depending on what they find.
She expressed her fear of the out come & finances  for furthere procedures & long term care.
He told her to hang in...& that he would see what we could do.
Mom says a lot of people that inquire about me...tell her she should set up something
for those who want to donate to help me out.
She says she doesn't feel comfortable with that.
She has never been real good at asking for help....
I think now...we may have no choice.
So...you can contact us through our "contact us" page on here on the site...if you have any questions, something to share or wanna help.
or If you chose to send a monetary donation...you can send it through pay-pal to: valentyne10@hotmail.com
Prayers are always apprecieated....
Mom is gonna talk to the vet about setting up something through their office, where donations could be sent directly
to the hospital....
Mom says she is gonna work on a page where people can send their thoughts, veiws, ect
& she will post them on the site.
Any gifts or donantions will be recognized there as well.
Another way to help, contact Wink news at :
Click on : New tips/ story ideas or 239-334-1111
Tell them Isaac's story should be heard!!
Well...I guess that is about it for know...
Mom says she will try to update tomorrow or as soon as she hears more...
God Bless you all....
Love, lil' Isaac
April 24th, 2010
I have been so emotionally exhausted....I have not had the motivation to write.
The ICU where Isaac is has been wonderful.
They call me every morning & every evening with an update on him.
He is doing better...but we are still waiting on some final results to help determin the cause of his stricture.
Some of the results that have came back, show that Isaac has Candida in his lungs, stomach & bowel.
Candida is a yeast/ Fungal infection..similar to Thrush in human babies.
This can be a contributing factor to his stricture.
He also has a Bacteria type infection in his tracea.
He is being started on some new meds for these.
His pnemonia seems to be better...so that is a good thing.
He is starting to get more alert and a little stronger, which is great, but the down fall is he is starting to do damage to his feeding tube.
They took out is cathether-IV today, so I know he is happy about that.
He seems to be tolerating a little liquid orally, but only about 1ml at a time.
He continues to rely on his feeding tube to eat.
He is still scared, but starting to trust the one student that works with him daily.
He allows her to rock him a little at night, which helps him relax.
When I heard this...it just melted my heart!
I miss him sooooo much it hurts.
This house is not the same without him.
This big empty cage full of toys in the living room is constant salt in the wound.
I miss his little "good morning" noises...
I miss his little chatters to tell me he wants something...
I miss him helping me type on the keyboard when I'm checking my email....
I miss him wrapped around my ankle as I walk from one room in the house to the other....
I miss our play & cuddle time every night....
I miss hearing from various rooms of the house..."No Isaac"..."Get down Isaac"...."Isaac, give me that"...lol
I miss his little smiles, our games of chase & Hide-n-seek....
I miss everything about him.
Although he seems to be holding his own and doing better, I worry about his future.
We have to wait until all biopsies, blood work, cultures, and other results are back before knowing where to go.
The fear of long term tube feeding for a monkey....is scary with good reason.
We are hoping that some of the gastrointestinal issues, that lead to some of the infections he is being treated for now...can be
treated, and that their are other options for a bright future for isaac.
It is just to early to tell.
My other fear...is how we are gonna continue to support Issac's care financially.
Not sure how I'm going to cover the expenses we have now.
I guess this is where Faith steps in.
It has always been In God's hands..& he has always guided & provided....why should now be any different.
I'm going to go see Isaac in the morning!!
I have not seen him 3 days & it feels like it has been weeks!
I'm not excited about the 3 1/2 hour drive....but I'm so excited about seeing him.
I found out tonight that he will be in ICU for maybe another week.
I can't wait that long.
I don't want him to think I have abondoned him.
Vet says it would be good for him to see us, but I know I'm going to dread when I have to leave.
Well...I will update once I find out more...
We are gonna need all the support we can get.
When Isaac's hospital stay is over...no matter the outcome....
The battle for..what Issac & our family has been through, as well as others that have walked in our shoes....has just begun!
April 26th, 2010
Our Heart Wrenching Visit With Lil' Man Yesterday....
Pictures worth a thousand words??...
More Like a  Thousand hurts!!
My daughter Tiffany and I arrived at the University about 12:45 pm yesterday after noon, and finally had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Copper for the first time.
She sat us in little visiting room, While she went to go get Isaac from the ICU.
The 10 minutes we waited for his arrival...seemed like hours.
My heart was racing, my throat felt like it had a knot in it, and I had "butterflies"..in my tummy.
As she opened the door, and rolled his cage in...tears flooded my eyes, and I was so over whelmed with emotions.
As she drew back the cover & opened the door...Isaac leaped towards us.
This was the first time in 5 days we had seen him, although it felt as it had been months.
As you can see in the pictures...he looked quite pathetic.
Slightly sedated...he tried his best to climb all over us ....as he does at home.
With his little hands bandaged...it was very hard for him, and awkward for all of us.
Without the little bandages, "boxing Gloves"...as they called em..
He would rip out his feeding tube.
He has a small suture in the top of his right lip to help keep the tube in place.
He also has a small suture on the top of his head, along with some glue...to help keep the tubing in place.
Between the "boxing glove",Tubes, sutures, glue, shaved areas, and sedation...it was just heart wrenching.
After about an hour, a little more of the sedation wore off, and he began to make some of his little faces, and noises that we knew so well.
He was so tired from not resting well, that he curled up and took a small nap.
We just sat & starred at him.
I think us being there made him realize...that we had not abandoned him after all.
Before this, Isaac has never been without us.
I can imagine what went through his head the day we dropped him off, as he peered through the whole of the crate,
as we went the other way.
Not seeing us for 5 days after that...I have to wonder, if in his little mind...that he thought he would never see
us again. That we, the only family he had ever known....left him.
About 3 hours into our visit, and after many times of looking at his "boxing gloves", then looking at us....
he became irritated & decided they had to come off!

 We are still not sure how he did it....but he got them off...then starting grabbing for the tube!
He became un-controllable.
Dr.Copper had to come in & with our help, had to sedate him a little, and re-bandage his hands.
at this moment, i realized, that there was not much hope, in a quality life for Isaac, if he would have to continue to be tube fed.
After Isaac started to calm...we decided to say our good-byes.
Talk about hard!!!...WHEW!!
Dr.Copper wrapped him up, and gently placed him in his cage, and we left.
We did discuss in our last few moments, about Isaacs future possabilities, pending test results, and short and long term goals.
Isaac still has pneumonia, but seems to be doing better.
He is very slowly gaining weight, but to be excpected on a liquid diet.
His body seems to be responding well to the treatments he is on.
He does have a bacteria infection in his trachea, and still the fungal infection in his lungs, stomach & bowel...
but he is being treated for that.
The questions still remain pertaining to his Stricture & sphincter.
We are hoping that the test today & pending results, show that it is not truly a stricture, and that it is mainly due to swelling & irritation.
We know that he will have to be on some type of treatment for Chronic Acid reflux for the rest of his life as well as monthly vet visits & frequent bloodwork & cultures.
His diet will have to be constantly monitored &
For a while he will be on a liquid diet.
Everything is speculation now, until we get all results, and can fit the puzzle together.
The trip home was quiet at first...but then we began to discuss our feelings & fears.
We agreed to just keep praying for Isaac, knowing that he is a little fighter, and to be optimistic.
The vet called early this morning & re-assured that our visit yesterday, was beneficial to Isaac.
She explained that he had a minor episode with his tube last night, but was much better then usual about letting them fix it.
She said he did very well over night, and today has seemed brighter & more active then he has been since he's been there.
She said he is taking 5ml's of liquid at a time now orally, instead of his regular 2mls.
He has seemed more comfortable in his cage & less resistant to them as they work with him.
Definitely a turn around!
Today he has some more test, and we await for results on others.
They believe he may be there at least another week, possibly longer.
It is day by day right now.
The  hope & goal at this point, is to get him tolerating liquid orally, so they can remove the tube, and take him out of ICU.
So now...we wait.....
I Love You Isaac...
April 27th, 2010
Hey Guys It is me Isaac!
Thanks for all your prayers and all your support.
I know my mom & family sure do appreciate it more then you know.
I figured I would tell this update...
Don't tell momma Gena....but I think
people like it better when I tell it anyway.
I loved my visit with them on sunday.
I was kind of out of it at first, but I could smell them & recognized their voices before Dr. Copper got
 me all the way in the room!
I was so excited, but the medicine makes me tired and kinda grauggy feeling.
I was sad when they left again...I thought they came to take me home.
As Dr. Copper placed me back in the cage....and their voices & smell became distant...
I realized I was wrong.
When I woke up a little later that night...I was upset.
I took those yucky glove things of my hands & yanked that annoying tube out of my nose.
When Dr. Copper came in and saw what I had done....She didn't seem surprised.
She told me maybe I just needed a break from all that.
I did pretty well the rest of the night.
I was able to scratch myself...touch my toys...it was sooooo nice.
Monday morning, Dr. Copper called mom & told her all about me taking my gloves & tube out.
She told her she felt I deserved a break & a day without all that stuff.
She told mom that our family visit must have boosted my spirits, cause I seemed more bright & better.
The visit with mom & Tiff did lift my spirits.
I knew then, that they had not left me.
That they still loved me.
I know if they came back once...they will be back again.
I realized when  mom, Tiff & Dr. Copper all
sat together talking about me getting better & going home,
that I must be here for a good reason. Plus, my tummy is starting to feel better.
Dr. Copper called mom this morning, and told her I am doing  good today!
She said since our  visit together..I have been moving in a more positive direction.
My fecal came back & said that the infection in my bowel is all gone!
Some test show that the medications that I'm taking are working really well!
Because I'm so little, most all my medications have to be made especially just for me.
They even gave me my own water bottle now , so I can drink all I want, whenever I want.
This morning when the Doctor came in,
she was surprised to see me playing with my toys for the first time since I have been here.
I have  even been doing  better about  eating more liquids orally!
I figure if I don't want that stupid tube thing in my nose again...I better start eating better.
Today, I got to drink from my bottle and it didn't even hurt my tummy!
I'm on 2 medicines for Acid Reflux, 1 for pneumonia, 1 for the yeast infection,
and some to help me develop good bacteria in my body.
Today I get to go for a big & important test called a fluoroscopy.
They will give me a special liquid, then put me behind a special screen...
and watch where the liquid goes.
This test..along with the biopsy results...will give them
the most important information about my issues and what my prognosis will be.
The Doctor told mom that I will have to be on chronic Acid Reflux medication for the rest of my life.
I will also have to have a special diet, as well as frequent vet visits, tests & cultures for a long time.
That even when I go home...there is still a long & probably expensive road ahead. 
The vet said there may be a chance I can go home this week!
I sure hope so.
She said it will depend on all the test today, biopsy, and how I progress with eating.
Mom said she wants me home now, but wants to make sure I'm ready!
I guess this place can't be so bad if mom brought me here.
I just miss my house, the rest of my toys...and most of all my family.
Not much I can get into locked up in this cage.
I know it is for my own good...but I wanna go home.
Seeing my family Sunday sure did help me not feel so depressed.
Well, I gotta get ready for my big test...I'm kinda scared....
but I know God will take care of me because mom tells me that all the time!
I'm still gonna give these folks in here a ruff time..lol..
After all...that's what monkeys do best!
April 28th, 2010
Isaac Is coming Home Tomorrow!
Dr.Copper called this morning & said my baby is coming home tomorrow!
I will be camping on their door step.....lol
She said he is definatley far from a healthy little monkey,
but he is making slow, positive progress!
We agree that him being home with his family will help tons!!
He will still have to go back every other week for a few months,
 so we can monitor his medications
& see how is progressing.
After that he will have to go back bi-monthly for awhile...
then we will determine treatment after that point.
A lot can change in just a few days..
so we want to take one step at a time,
and cross each bridge as we come to it.
Because he is so little, we have to have his medications made especially for him and to fit his needs.
She explained that his medications once he is home, are
quite complicated, and are gonna take real commitment.
She he is eating jar baby meat very well...
he actually drank 1 oz from his bottle this morning...the most since he has been there.
He is drinking juice & water through water bottles quite well, still seems quite bright & is more active.
His stools are great & he must think so too, because she said he was nibbling on some this monrning :0
That's my Boy!....lol
He goes for his Fluoroscopy today at 11am.
I'm excited about him coming home..but a bit nervous too!
The thought of having to go up and back...
3 1/2 hours...one way...
every other week....for a while...
as got me a little stressed!
I mean gas is expensive..
then you got the vet visit...Lord only knows what that will be!
Then his medications...scary!!
Any test, cultures, ect....scary!
Then my van is not exactly in the best of shape!
Lord help me!
I'm just so blessed that my baby is doing better!
I'm also so grateful & blessed for all my friends &
all the new friends I have made
over the last few weeks.
All because of Isaac!
People I have never even met, calling & emailing their concerns, prayers, tears, donations, stories, pictures.....the list goes on.
You know who you are..and I thank you from the depth of my heart!
I know lil Isaac does too.
I am working on a new page for those who have been such a blessing!
I want pictures, and names...
I want all to see how wonderful & supportive you have been!
Well...all for now.
I will be waiting to hear the rest of his results...
and getting ready for the big day tomorrow!
I'm so glad he is coming home...
I'm glad he is doing better...
But the  fight is far from over!
Not just for Isaac...but for many others & their stories!
God Bless you all.....
Afternoon Update
Well...I just got some real crappy news...
The vet called with Isaac's Fluoroscopy results.
Said that Isaac has a definite Stricture.
I guess we were hoping more for reduced inflammation and a better opening.
About 1/2" of his Esophagus is almost closed.
The opening is so small that the Liquid they gave him for the test...
never even made it into the stomach after an hour of watching & waiting.
The liquid is designed to be thick, so that it sticks to the cells,
and they can see where everything is going,
and monitor how fast or slow it is moving.
Even still, it should have passed through.
She said the only procedure they can do for this is a
type of Balloon in the throat that slightly stretches the esophagus.
Because Isaac is so small, they have to do this in several procedures.
He will have to go twice a week for 3 weeks.
He would go on monday for the procedure, stay over night & come home tuesday.
Then come back Thursday for the procedure, stay over night & come home friday.
We would do this for 3 weeks!
He has to stay over night, due to the fact that the procedure is very painful,
and they wanna keep an eye on him over night and make sure he is eating.
Each procedure is between $500 & $600!
That's $1000-$1200 a week!
Then there is the 3 1/2 hour drive up & 3 1/2 hours back...
that's 28 hours a week & $80 in gas a week.
Unless I can find a way to stay up there over night & come back in the morning!
How do you do that with kids & other animals to care for??
Then there are the risks involved!
Dr Zitelin explained that sometimes......with this procedure
and stretching, can allow scar tissue to re-form.
Then were back in the same boat.
I guess that would be the chance I have to take.
It could be years before it reforms, and if so...he would have to go for the procedure again.
I feel so much despair right now....
I'm so angry at the breeders right now....I can't even begin to explain!
I love Isaac with all my being!
Am I being selfish to do this?
How do I know what quality of life he will have?
He has fought so hard so long...doesn't her deserve this??
Dr. Copper said she feels I should come bring him home tomorrow.
Keep him on the bottle and baby food that he seems to be tolerating quite well....
Spend 2- 3 weeks loving him, let him get strong,
and a little more weight, then start the treatment.
She maybe in 3 weeks, you will have more financial options.
She said discuss everything with your family,
and figure out what you will be able to commit to, then go from there.
So many emotions running through me right now!
I have to go....I'm so emotionally drained & confused.
Somehow...Someway...the breeders are goanna pay!!
April 30th, 2010
Baby-Boo is home!
After the long, anxious drive to the vet...I ran through the door like i was
headed for the finish line of the olympics!....lol
I met with the Doctor first, we went over Isaac's results, dis-charge, and medications.
I was like "enough already...bring him on!!"
SO I drove around to the pick up door...
as she came down the side walk with his crate in her hand,
I jumped out of the van and sprung for my baby!
I peeked in the crate to say hi..He puffed up like
3 times his normal size, teeth showing with one of the biggest smiles I had ever seen.
I thanked her, ran to the van, jumped in,
swung open the crate door, grabbed him..
and kissed him & my heart cried like crazy!
It was a long trip home..he was very tired!
Hasn't slept much since he has been there.
He looked so pathetic!
His tail half shaved....
one arm partially shaved...
glue all stuck in his head..(from the attempt to keep his feeding tube in place)
Eyes blood shot....
one little hand all skinned up...
Some of his fur kind of clumpy in places from food, meds..juices...ect.
He still looked like an angel to me ;)
We got home..he was excited to see everyone..excited to see all his toys,
and of course Immed started scanning the floor for things to put in his mouth!
Some things never change!....lol
He wanted to be tickled and carried around all night!
finally after the last dose of meds...at about 11pm..he went nighty-night!
He is on 6 different medications.
1 is for his fungal infection
1 for his pneumonia
1 is to help promote good bacteria
1 is for gas
2 for Gastrointestinal /ulceration irritation.
They start at 8am...and end at 11pm!
His vet bill was $4100 yesterday!
I was blown away...
Isaac is worth every penny...
It is just so scarry...when you feel you are forced to put a price on a life!
He has to go back in 2-3 weeks to start his treatments.
The Doctor says..the sooner the better.
WE want to get him in there while the infections, and other issues are resolved.
On the other hand..we wanted to get him home for a break..and put on some weight..and get him a little stronger.
Not to mention they need their money!
The treatments that he will be getting, are "balloon dilation", which expands the width of the lumen
(part of the esophagus) that is constricted.
Because Isaac is so little, and the stricture in his esophagus is so tiny...they can only
stretch a little at a time.
He will have 2 treatments, twice a week, for 2-3 weeks.
The treatment is quite painful & sometimes causes the patient not to eat,
so Isaac will have to stay over night & be monitored after each treatment.
Each treatment runs between $500-$600.
Everything about this is scary to me.
Not just the financial end of it, but that are risks involved.
Especially due to Isaac's size.
They also want to take a better look at his Intestines and stomach.
This was very hard to do before, due to the stricture not allowing
the scope nor the barium to
reach where they needed.
I feel like I have a ton I want to say, but I'm so burned out, and so out of sorts right now.
I do want to say thank you to all of you for your prayers, constant emails,
donations.. & so much more!
I am going to be working on a page...just to say thanks!
I'm also in the works of having some little thank you cards from Isaac made up!
I will try to keep you posted as best I can.
Right now just dealing with a lot of anxiety.
With home life, kids, dogs, birds, the whole things with Isaac.
Not just the bills, but the breeders...wanting to do something about all this.....ect...
I'm just really exhausted!
God Bless you all!
If I forgot anything...
I will try to update later.
May 4th, 2010
Not much has changed with Isaac.
We are taking it step by step, day by day!
He still won't take much in the way of food.
it is just to difficult & uncomfortable  to swallow.
I keep a bottle of Broth, a bottle of Pedialite mixed with juice,
and a bottle of water on his cage at all times.
He goes through a lot of that!
He will lick a little  bit of various jar baby food & yogurt off my fingers from
time to time.
Almost every time he tries to suck his bottle..he gets sick.
I think the stricture is just made the opening so small...
sucking and swallowing are just to difficult.
The syringe or lapping it..seems better.
He weighed a whole 736 grams last night!
better then the 896 the night before!
The little trooper is still playing & climbing and
trying to "vaccum " the floor when he is out...lol
So his medical issues have not affected his will!
I have to vacuum & sweep constantly!...lol
I'm like a hawk over him when he is out!
I'm trying like crazy to raise the money to get
him in to start his treatments as ASAP!
I have been posting adds & stories...putting up adds everywhere
for selling birds...
I have emailed and called sooooo many places.
I'm working on flyers now for donations...
to hang up anywhere I can!
I tried to see if the vet would work out a
Payment plan...NOPE!
So...just taking it day by day...
and trying to let God lead!
So, all-n-all...
Lil' man is about the same.
Not a whole lot of progress...
But..most important, he has not really declined any either!
I will keep ya posted if there are any changes!
Love Isaac & his mom.
April 22, 2010
Sorry for not updating in awhile.
Not a whole lot has changed with Isaac.
He is still holding his own.
Not gaining much weight, but to be expected when on mostly a liquid diet &
still an active little monkey.
He is such a little fighter & has such a zest for life!
I have learned so much from this little guy.
I have learned that love is not just a feeling...
but can consume you and become the air you breath.
Isaac is still on med for pnemonia, one for bacteria infection,
one to promote his good bacteria,
and some for gas & acid reflux.
The doctor is still working on a long term medication plan.
He is doing better with the jar baby food.
He used his spoon for the first time last night.
Was to cute, funny & slightly messy...lol
I keep 3 water bottles on his cage at al times.
One for water, one for Juice, and one I alternate with various "formula" type
He has good days & bad days.
Swallowing is still a big issue.
We pray that with finding the right meds for his gas & acid reflux, &
doing the esophagus ballooning, that it will greatly improve is quality of life.
We are slowly getting closer to the $3000 needed to start his treatments.
It is hard, because every time I get a little saved, then comes
His prescriptions, his follow up visits...ect.
He has to go for  a follow up visit next week, and will every 2 weeks
until he goes for surgery, to help keep his meds adjusted.
The gas and the drive there are enough to drive me crazy!
Isaac still plays, swings, gets into everything like the
typical monkey-kid.
He is such a cute little guy with a strong will.
God put Isaac in my life for a reason.
Many reasons...in which I learn something new everyday.
Through Isaac, God has taught me so much about life.
Every morning I wake up, I thank God for an
other day,
Ask for his guidance & peace....and ask for forgiveness for ever doubting him.
No matter the out come,
I do not regret the hell I have been through with Isaac,
just to have had the blessing of sharing my life with him.
I pray that everything Isaac and I have been through, opens a door to
giving these monkeys a voice, or at least a start.
I pray that it is a stepping stone to getting some closure and peace
for the other famlies that lost babies due to humans selfishness & ignorance.
The local news team here, " Wink News" decided not to do Isaac's story.
I think they were afraid to "bite off more then they could chew!!"
That's ok....I will keep pushing forward...until I get it out there some how.
I will find some one who is not afraid to back me up, and stand
up for what is right!
This is not about revenge...it is about making things right!
As I have watched Isaac fight for life...
I have realized What an amazing animal he is &
& that I should be there backing him up.
I hate the bad days....
But am so greatful for the good days.
Sometimes I look at his pint size body
and forget that he is almost  a year old.
The days he is playing, eating pretty good
and seems quite happy.....I try to forget that
he even has issues.
I thank all of you that have been such a wonderful support.
Whether it be prayers, emails, donations..ect
I don't have the words to express my grattitude.
For now...we just take it step-by-step,
knowing that God is in control.
After all , God loves monkeys too!
Will be talking to you soon....
May 31st, 2010
Hi Guys!
Quick update....
Isaac had is first treatment this past Friday.
It was Short notice, but he was taking a turn for the worse,
so I had to do something.
His treatment went better then expected...Yey!
Due to the severity of his stricture, they could only stretch a tiny bit.
They showed me pictures...AMAZING!!!
The opening at the base of his esophagus, it about as small as one
of those little coffee straws!
It is amazing he can swallow anything.
There was normal bleeding & tissue tarring...but nothing out of the norm!
It is a very painful procedure, and leaves them feeling pretty crappy.
So...he is on pain meds.
The pain meds make him itchy..so he takes benadryl for that.
The Benadryl makes him sleepy....
Poor lil guy...he can't win for losing....lol
He is doing great though. He is playing...
trying to eat...all the normal stuff.
He will have to continuing on a
liquid -semi soft diet for a few more weeks though.
He is battling a little with a nasal issue.
Almost like a cleft palate!
After he eats he becomes congested in
his nasal passage and does a lot of "mouth breathing"
we are not sure what is up with this yet.
I think it is because he gets so hungry..so he drinks fast.
The fluid can only go down that little hole so fast.
so...some goes into the sinus area and gets in his lungs and nose.
Just like when we drink to fast and it almost comes out our nose.
He is still battling the acid reflux & some gas.
He has been bloating a lot lately.
We think some of it is due to medications.
Make take us awhile to figure out what ones are gonna work
best in his favor.
Tackle one battle at a time!
He is on 2 for acid reflux & intestinal issues....
one antibiotic...
one for production of good bacteria...
one for pain...
one for gas..&
one for vitamins.
I need "Monkey Medical Insurance"....lol
It will be a few more procedures before it will make any real difference
in his swallowing.
He goes for his next treatment tomorrow.
Then again on friday.
I'm praying it goes well again.
I'm a little nervous though...
I'm not sure where the money is going to come from.
His first treatment was $650!
He has to go at least 5 more times.
I just keep praying & having faith.
God has carried us this far!
I know these 3 1/2 hour road trips
4 times a week are killing me!....lol
my poor van has about had it!
Gas is costly too!
Trying to work on some legal options as this point.
Still talking with some news people...but I think they are
all afraid of this story!
All afraid of getting sued!
That's alright!
I'm going to keep doing my "homework"...
digging, researching, talking with people...
and then when Isaac is a little better, and I can breath...
I'm going to "Stir up one Hell of a Stink"!
Someone is going to help these monkeys get some Justice!
Dang good thing I'm not Rich...Because I would do some serious
damage real quick!
Anyway..I don't even wanna get started!
I need to save my energy right now!
Take care all...& God bless you!
Thanks again...for all you do!....
Keep ya posted!
June 5th, 2010
Sorry has been awhile since I've Updated.
Just burned out.
Isaac had his 3rd treatment yesterday.
We left here at 5am..and arrived home at 10pm
He did suffer a few complicatons...but pulled through.
Would you expect any less?
He had some aspiration...due to refluxing during surgery.
So last night he was very congested and wheezing.
Still is today.
I have to try to keep him quiet..as he gets real "winded" otherwise.
He has not been eating to well due to the trouble breathing..and I'm sure his
sore throat doesn't help.
They were able to pass the smallest scope
down into his tummy for the first time.
The found no abnormalities...Yey!!
We wanted to get a look at his small intestine, but the opening into
the small intestine was way to small..so..it was a no-go.
We don't want to push our luck and rupture something,
it could kill him.
So, we will leave well enough alone...and deal with the matters at
hand..They were able to balloon to 8mm..our goal is 10mm.
We hope at after the next 2 treatments, to meet that goal.
He will still have to go once a week for treatment, for about 2-3 weeks,
to make sure the stricture stays open as it heals.
We just take each treatment as it comes.
You just never know how it is gonna go.
He has  a few medication changes...
Lucky for me they equal out to about
1 med administered every 2 hours...from 7am until 11pm!
What is free time again?...lol
For the most part he is doing pretty well.
Me on the other hand..I wanna fall apart!
He is still playing and climbing around
I tool a little nap with him today on the floor of his cage.
I have to kinda keep him coffined to his cage...until
his breathing and congestion is better.
That's ok..he has plenty of room and toys to keep him buisy.
He seems to think I'm the best toy though..lol
He goes for his 4th treatment on tuesday June 8th.
The 3.5 hr drive is bad enough..but after I drop him off, finding something
to do for 8 hours..is not easy.
I hate malls and stores!
Who wants to walk around and look at stuff you can't afford to buy.
Usually I look for stuff for Isaac any way..lol
Last week..I stopped in the "Ronald McDonald House"
I pulled in the parking lot, and wanted to see if they minded if I parked there
and slept in my van.
I walked in and told the lady..."I have an unusual Request.."
I explained about my furry kid, just down the road in surgery, and just wanted a place to park & nap!
She said "sure!...."You can even come in
and use the rest room..get a drink...watch tv if ya like!"
I went back out, but noticed my poor 13 yr old van was running a little hot.
So maybe leaving it running with the AC on..was not such a good idea.
So feeling kind of awkward..even after the sweet invitation...
I walked back up to the front door,
rang the buzzer, and said..."I think I will take you up on that offer!"
To make a long story short...They all welcomed me with open arms!
They showed me around..what a wonderful place....full of love & compassion.
I planted my butt on a soft comfy couch, in the AC, and napped & watched TV.
When I left..they welcomed me to come back any time.
SO yesterday..guess where I spent the day?
I'm having a little poster with Isaac's picture made...
It will say: "Thanks for giving my mom a place to rest, while I was
in the Hospital getting fixed...Love Isaac"
They can put it on the front desk!
My preemie grandson & step daughter...spent a lot of time
in the one in Hershey PA.
What a wonderful bunch of people!
So..I rest a little more at ease when I go up...
I have a safe ,loving place to stay...just 1 mile from Isaac.
So...We carry on.
Now if I could just hit the Jack Pot & pay for all this...
I'm learning that when I jump off these cliff's in life...
God is either gonna teach me to fly...or catch me.
June 26th, 2010
Sorry it has been so long since I updated on Isaac.
I have been busy and burned out.
Isaac had his 4th treatment on June 8th.
I got the usual after surgery call, &
was told that everything went pretty well,
and he was ready to go home.
So I jumped in the car and headed over.
When they brought Isaac out, he sounded very congested.
I asked them about it, and they explained that it was because he
had only been awake a little while, had just drank, and had a little aspiration.
At this point...had been typical for Isaac.
So, I scooped him up & got in the van.
I pulled into a parking spot, and situated his stuff and put his diaper
back on as I always do.
I noticed that the congestion sounded worse then usual, and his breathing was fairly labored.
Sometimes when I pick him up, he is very excited & anxious...
so I figured, maybe it was a combination of things.
He seemed a little graugy, but he had only been out of surgery for hours.
So..I thought.."heck, I have been through all this before, stop worrying Gena and get on the road!"
So, I did.
Usually when we leave the vet, if he is real tired, he will crawl in his crate, on the front seat, and sleep.
Today, he was more clingy. So he crawled up on my shoulder, kind of behind my neck, and started to dose off as
I headed on the long trip home.
His breathing seemed to get worse, and the congested & rattling sound coming from his lungs...seemed
to amplify. Then all of a sudden, he started sliding down off my shoulder, down into my lap, with his head
tilted back.
When Isaac tilts his head back..this is usually a sign that something is lodged or hurting.
I pulled off at the next exit and stopped at a gas station.
He started to look pale, & breathing more rapid.
I was 52 miles down the road!
I turned around and headed back, at 93 miles per hour..my little 4 cylinder van was a winding!
I called the vet as I was driving. I told her Isaac was in bad shape, I was headed back, I would be there in about 29 min...
and to be ready and waiting for me at the door!
I never drove so fast in my life...yet is was the longest 29 min I had ever experienced!
I kept Isaac on my lap, patting him, and making sure he was still breathing.
When I pulled up, Dr. Copper was there with one of the students, erin...waiting.
We rushed Isaac in.
She said the congestion sounded a lot worse then what it really was, but that is oxygen level was really low.
She said lets keep him here and get him into an oxygen room, and you just stay close by.
Once again, I  hugged Isaac, told him how much I loved him, kissed him on his little pale face, and handed
him over. This time, he seemed to tired to fight.
Honestly, I felt this may be goodbye.
As I started to turn to leave, Erin hugged me and I just fell apart. She said,
"He's a fighter Gena & you know we will do our best!"
I told her I knew, & to please call me in a little while and let me know how he was doing.
So...I drove to the "Ronald Mc Donald House". I was tired, about broke, and just wanted some place
to fall apart.
There was a lady working, that I had never met. I told her a little about myself &
how I had been visiting there during the day
ect. She explained that they were so over loaded..that they just didn't have any room.
So, feeling even more like crap...I made some calls, and ended back at the "Red Roof Inn"..where I usually stay.
I checked in, had a melt down, had some prayer time, then plugged in the laptop..and
made an attempt to take my mind of things.
A few hours later, the doctor called and told me Isaac was stabilized, but was still pretty congested, oxygen was still a little low,
and breathing was still labored. They were going to start him on an IV,
keep him in ICU in the oxygen room, and see how he did through the night.
Once he was feeling a little better, they were going to run some test & exrays,
to make sure that there was not a tare in his esophagus, that was causing
the oxygen issue.
Next morning, she called and said Isaac was breathing a little better, oxygen level was up a little, and that
the test shown no sign of a tare. She explained that she felt part of it was  the  pneumonia getting a little worse.
She explained that she felt he needed to stay at least another night, his antibiotics needed to be changed and that they wanted
to monitor him & keep him on the oxygen.
I wanted so bad to go see him that day, but I knew all it would do, was get us both worked up & For me..I'm used to it, but for him...with his already troubled breathing.....excitement was the last thing he needed. 
 For me..I'm used to it, but for him...with his already troubled breathing.....
excitement was the last thing he needed.
As we were talking on the phone, a knot formed in my throat, and my eyes swelled with tears, & I said
"between you and me, I don't wanna be selfish. I don't want Isaac to keep suffering.
I want him here so bad...but I want what is best for him & his quality of life...I think you know where I'm going with this!"
She explained, that had Isaac been in a research facility,
or being seen by a vet that did not have the compassion, knowledge or equipment, Isaac would not
be here. She said most would have given up a long time ago due
to the commitment and or expense. She said not many people would have gone to the extent you have.
She said Isaac is such a little fighter, and you are so dedicated. She said there are times when I  feel I have to suggest
to let it go, but...I don't think we are there yet with Isaac. She explained that he is making progress,
and he is still fighting, and that I'm willing to do what it takes.
I told her, I hate to keep bringing this up..but I'm not sure I can afford to keep doing what it takes.
She told me she wished she had the answer & that she wish she knew more about the future with him.
but Isaac was a complex case & is the first case of his kind..that they have ever had.
She said "We have learned so much from him.
Not just the medical & research end, but about ourselves."
She also informed me that they are probably going to be doing a publication on Isaac and his procedures.
I told her, that I sure hoped all Isaac has been through, will help them in the future with cases like his.
In the back of my mind, I guess I felt as though with all the research, images, videos & now a publication,
you'd think maybe they would cut me some slack!
But..they did help save his life! For that I'mgreatful. I'm just not sure if they know how much!
So...I stayed another night. I was broke, bored, and a worried mess.
Something in her voice sounded so unsure.
Anyway..they called that night & updated me..not much had changed.
The next morning, now thursday...She called and said.."well, he is looking a little brighter today!"
She explained that they had started him on some nebulization treatments, along with the oxygen & it made a big difference.
She went on to tell me that she felt it would be best if he just stayed through the weekend, that they wanted to
see wanted to make a few medication changes, keep him on IV & oxygen for another day or so.
I told her I have to come visit him before I go.
 I guess my biggest fear was leaving him & not saying good bye & the posabilty of him not coming home.
I didn't have the money to stay another night, and my family and other critters at home needed tending to.
I went in about 2 pm to see him. They carried him in , in his little crate.
As soon as the door swung open, he jumped in my lap.
We cuddled for about 2 hours. He made a few of his little noises, drank a little for me, peed on me, you know,
all the good stuff that lets ya know your loved!..lol
When it was time for me to go...it broke my heart.
I told him how much I loved him, and that I was doing only what was best for him.
I also prayed that God not take him, but that if he did...he knows what's best.
I placed him back in his little crate with his "baby"...covered the crate so he could not see me walk away, and I turned,
gave erin a hug, started to cry AGAIN...and left.
I have to add, that Erin has been my favorite student in the time Isaac has been going there.
She is so sweet, and seems to have such a zest, compassion and empathy for those she comes in contact with.
I made sure I let her know that. I told her to hold onto that, and never lose it!
They ride home seemed like an eternity.
I wanted to stay. I feared getting a call that Isaac was going down.
Then I realized, that If God decides to take him...it is not gonna matter where he is
or I am. I have done all I can, and more then majority ever would have!
So many things went through my head in those 3 1/2 hours home.
I wondered: What was Isaac thinking & feeling right now?
Does he know how much I love him?
Does he know I will never leave him?
Was he going to pull through this time?
Was he ever going to be better?
How am I going to afford this?
How am I going to continue to afford his medical needs?
How is my husband going to react?
The questions just went on and on.
I don't even remember most of the drive home.
I knew when I got home, and stared at his empty cage, that he
just had to come home.
I had to use the next 2 days..to get some things caught up and accomplished.
I had a bird fair in 2 days...to help raise some money for Isaac..
and I needed to get things ready for that.
So that's what I did.
The vet called me friday morning and informed me that my visit must have really helped.
After I left, Isaac started to eat and drink a little better. She explained that they had switched some of his
meds around, and that the nebulizations made a big difference.
She said I think he may be able to come out of the oxygen room tomorrow.
Later that night she called and said he was feeling even better, because he had a bitten a hole
in his IV tube, and was playing with one of his toys a little.
Saturday morning, she said he had done well over night, was fine without the IV, and seemed to be breathing well without
the oxygen, and that they felt no need for the nebulization treatment after today. He was eating better, drinking better, and a little more fiesty!
She felt he would def be good to go home by monday!
So Sunday came, I was up early loaded birds and stuff up & off to the fair!
About 2 hours into the fair, I get a call from the vet telling me that there was
another complication with Isaac & they hey may not be able to come home.
To make a long story short....It got worked out, and I went and got my baby back!
I about passed out when I got the $2400 vet bill!
Needless to say...I could not pay it...I paid what I could, and explained I will have to what I can when I can!
I expressed that I had been coming there since april, and that they already soaked over $6500 from me, and that
I'm broke!
She said, "well we can't take what you don't have, and we can't tell you that you can't take your animal..so I guess just give what you have and there will have to be a balance!"
He is supposed to go back in 2 weeks for a follow up and
to decide about next treatment options.
We know he has to have at least 3 more, but we will just take it once step at a time!
He has been doing pretty well. He has had a few ruff days where he would not eat well,
had some regurgitation, and some
soft stools...but hey..we can handle it!
It gets very frustrating....but we take the good with the bad, the best we can.
I think if we can get this chronic acid reflux under control...it will make a world of difference!
On his good days..it seems like we are in the clear, & all is going to be just fine.
Bad days...feel like it will never end, get better or be over!
I keep telling myself, Issac is in the Hands of God!
Who better knows this little monkey, then the creator himself!
Monday will be 2 wks that he has been home. He was supposed to go back in a week,
but I just can't afford it. The Doctor says as long as he is eating okay, and doing well, we can
wait another week or two. So thats what we are doing!
Thanks again for all the prayers & Support!
God Bless you all

........Continued on "Isaac IV"
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