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                        Primate Goals:
* To offer a place for pet primates to live in familiar, home like setting.

* To help properly educate on ALL ASPECTS of responsible care & ownership as well as conservation of them in the wild.
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 It is so crucial that people are educated & spend some "hands on" time with these incredible creatures before taking one into their life.
(using the word "pet" lightly)
 Often times primates adopted/ purchased as "Personal Pets" by  humans that are not properly educated leads to new placement.  When this happens, many primates develop emotional issues..which can lead to depression, anxiety, stress and even death.

Primates require complex habitats,strong & spacious enclosures a very nutritious diet with variety, and tons of enrichment & interaction.
Again, it is a huge and life long commitment!

I hope to expose the world to what REAL monkey Love is!

I want the world to meet some of these amazing monkeys and their humans! 
The good stories are rarely heard & quickly forgotten.
I have met so many families that have not just one, but 3-5!
Some special friends of mine have 11 Capuchin monkeys and wouldn't change it for the world!

Some have  shared their lives with their monkey(s) from infancy until they passed of old age in their 20's to 40's.

Many of these people have never had any abnormal issues.
They take the good with the bad. They are educated and aware of the huge commitment they are taking on. They don't try to mold these animals into something they are not. They love them for who and what they are.

I get so tired & frustrated with the drama that is caused and stories stretched way out of proportion by the media when a human is bitten or scratched by a primate.
In majority of the cases, It is almost always the humans fault...AND in a state where they are illegal or there are no permit requirements, and not being cared for properly!
 Most times the people were not properly educated to begin with and only one side of the story is heard. People are quick to believe and to share the bad news...but skeptical of the truth.

What about the hundreds of people injured and killed daily by dogs, horses...ect?

Do you see anyone banning them or the media making a big deal?
It's time for the responsible & educated people that share their lives with primates take a stand.

We should not have to hide in fear that perfectly happy & healthy monkeys, that we share our lives with, may be ripped away due to uneducated & over dramatized accusations by those who are clueless!
I think it would be great to see them living in their natural habitat...but humans have ruined that to. 
In the wild they are hunted & poached! So much of their land has been destroyed, that they are cramped and fighting each other for food and territory. 
Many species are on the verge of becoming extinct.
 If it weren't for those being protected in captivity...our grandchildren or even some of us..would never have had the privilege to see these incredible creatures that we have learned so much from.

There will always be monkeys being breed, born and sold. So why not educate people about the reality of the huge commitment, responsibility, & expense? 
Why not educate them on proper care, diet, enrichment, permits, vet care...ect?
Most people upon being properly educated on the care & responsibility, find they are not ready for this commitment, but find contentment working with them in another setting.
Why not help these incredible beings have the best quality of life possible?

That my friends..is my goal! We are taking baby steps of making a long time dream become a reality. A lot of work & paper work is involved...and then onto funding to build enclosures and gather items to make this like "Heaven" for our future furry & non-furry family...full of hope & healing.I don't think you ever stop learning from or about these incredible creatures. I think it is very important to communicate and share with others who have experience or share their lives with primates.
No matter where or what their experience...together we can help these amazing gifts from God have an incredible life and future. I have learned so much from the monkey groups that I'm evolved with. They have been a huge support in so many ways. I have met some amazing monkeys and their humans.Isaac has taught me what real love, dedication, commitment, responsibility & miracles are all about!
He is my inspiration for doing...what I should have started doing a long time ago!

I Pray..."Lord Bless me on this Journey" 

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