Heaven Help Us Animal Refuge - Sharing Jesus Love Through The Hearts of Animals

                     Meet Our Refuge Angels..........
You Never know who your going to meet here at Heaven Help Us.  We receive inquires often for animals in need of refuge. Some seeking refuge for a short amount of time, while others need a life long place to call home.
The decision on whether an animal is temporary or permanent is carefully evaluated over time and ALWAYS in the best interest of the animal!

In 2016 after a 3 year battle with the bank, we lost our home.

As of right now we are rebuilding & getting things back up and going.
 We are working on raising funds so we can build "Heavenly Homes" for the animals. 
This page is dedicated to the "Angels"..that find refuge here.
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Isaac God Gave Me You
Isaac is my special needs monkey-boy. He was born with many serious genetic issues to to a facility that was inbreeding. Long story short...Isaac's was diganosed by many vets, that he would never surv...
know Isaac?
 If not...you can read his whole story and
see many pictures on this site.
               Issac is my inspiration For Heaven Help Us!
Our Little Black Handed Spider girl. She came to us from Texas at 3 months old.  She has been so great for Isaac.
She is 7 months old now (as of 10/2011) & Getting more precious everyday. She and Isaac are a very important part of our forever family!
            Im 2 yrs old now & growing fast!

UPDATE: 4/2014

We had high hopes that Hannah would be part of our forever family.
As I said in the beginning of this page, Choices are made over time and ALWAYS in the best interest of the animal. 
Sometimes it means stepping on what I feel is best for me 
and choosing what I feel is best for them :(

We hit some difficult times here at the refuge and had to re evaluate many things for the animals as well as ourselves. 
Although we love Hannah very much, we had to look at the present & future circumstances, and what would be best for her and the other animals she shared her life with.
Long story short, Hannah went to live with a good friend Sherry Goyette at her pristine facility 3 hrs away in West Palm beach Fl.

We receive regular updates on Hannah. 
She has adjusted Very well and has a big sister Spider Monkey of her own Kind to play with.

Spider Monkeys Get VERY big, VERY strong and require a Huge cage with lots of room to swing and play.
Hannah is happy and doing great. 
Her new playmate just so happens to be the very first Spider Monkey I ever bottle raised.

In just a short trip, I can go visit anytime, so that makes me feel better!
We sure do miss her and always will! She will always hold a special place in our heart.
Will be posting update pictures soon!

Ted (Teddy Bear)
Ted is our handsome 1/2 Shire & 1/2 Percheron  cross boy. He is 18.2 hands tall (72.8") & believed to be 12 yrs old.
He was headed to slaughter from Camelot auction in  NJ & rescued just in the nik of time.
Upon calling Camelot, I was informed he was gone.  I  assumed the worse.
Long story short...after days of scanning horse sites & rescues in hopes of maybe finding he was out there and maybe by chance had not been sent for slaughter...We found him at "Florida Draft Horse Rescue"! How awesome was that! He & another draft "bill" were saved and brought to the draft rescue where they would be quarantined & soon adopted.
Ecstatic, I made the 3 hr drive up to meet ted for the 1st time. He looked at me with those deep-dark-brown eyes
 & It was Love at first sight!! A few boo-boos, needing
some weight..but a heart of gold. He walked right up
and nestled his head in my hands.
At that moment...he became part of my life.
A several weeks went by, Ted had passed his quarantine
with flying colors. Vet said with some weight, and time he would be just fine.
It appeared Ted had spent his life as a hard working plow horse.
He had no clue what love, grooming or treats were. 
he was now ready to come home & find out!
 Excited, the next 3 hr trip north,
was with a trailer to bring ted home.
Skeptical at 1st...but loaded like a champ! Finally,
off we went, headed towards home.
Ted found his way into my heart & a new family. He  we are still working through a few minor issues...but he is a special boy...and has learned how yummy treats are & how much he loves being brushed. He is the most gentle & sweet boy ever. He loves everyone & continues to progress.
Ted Recently picked up a Part time seasonal & volunteer position, showing the "Special Olympic Athletes" a good time Feb 2012-May 2012. Way to go Teddy!
Update Jan 2013
Teddy is now Living with his new mom Debbie and her family.
He FINALLY let them trim his feet :)
He will soon be in training to work on the Lee County Mounted Team, For the Lee County Sheriff's Dept!
Missin this big guy, took a big piece of my heart with him,
but he has a wonderful life!
I Love Happy Endings!!
Sammie  a 6 year old Clydesdale gelding & Kowboy a 6 year old Paint horse gelding found refuge here.
These 2 boys came together from a wonderful couple who took them out of harms way with the intention of finding them a better life.
They are great boys that bring us tons of joy. Sammie helps me in church events and birthday parties & in return helps support the refuge.
These guys have brought many smiles to many faces and hearts.

Samson Has his Own Face Book Page now :)



"There Goes my Life"...
Those are the lyrics that ran through my mind (from one of my favorite Kenny Chesney songs) as I watched the trailer roll Away with my Sammy in it 
Samson is headed for his new Happily- Ever- After in NE Ohio. That boy has been such a huge chunk of my life in so many ways for a long time!! Saying "He will be missed" is an understatement! 
Couldn't sleep last night, knots in my stomach on & off for 2 weeks as the decision became real, and tears streaming down my face as I watched the trailer pull away.
Sometimes the right choices, doing the right thing, doing what's best..All can be so hard and unbelievably painful!!
This was all the above!!As most who know me and knew sam, also know that sam was NOT just any horse!! He is truly a special boy!Sammy put a smile on every face he met! Even those who were afraid of horses or a little intimidated..lol
He was many things to many people..He helped athletes in Special Olympics shine, 
he helped show kids of all ages at camp a wonderful time,
he escorted many on a comfortable trail ride, 
he took a few young ladies through their first real horse ventures, first horse shows and onto being owned by their own horses.
He help heal many troubled & at risk teens & youth.
He helped many build confidence
& self esteem.
He provided therapy to many struggling with illness and disabilities.
He was an amazing "Party favor" at SO many Birthday parties.
He helped many organizations & groups fundraise with his"Clyde Rides".
He was our Refuge mascot & helped support the other animals & programs by offering "Clyde Rides" at local community festivals and events.Sam helped grant wishes of several people's "Bucket List" 
His size and beauty drew people in & helped us educate about the world of horses, animals and how therapeutic & life saving they truly are ❤
He was often a big soft shoulder to cry on a healing hugger, and one of the best ways to take your mind off everything.
Sam definitely has a unique personality!
He definitely leaves an imprint on everyone he meets.
I could go on forever as all the memories, images and emotions flow through me..
How can you not love something so much, that has done everything you've ever asked!?!?
was a very long, struggling , back & forth, emotional, hard & hurtful decision!!The summers here are miserable for sam!! Although there are other factors behind my decision, this was the breaking point. 
Draft horses are not really designed for this type of climate. They thrive in cool temperatures.
Although some bred and born here, have adapted over time, others never do. Especially in Southwest Florida.The heat isn't so much the factor as it is the humidity. And many horses I find that come from up north to live here end up struggling with the weather, and allergies to so many things here. 
People can give fancy names to the issues horses suffer here, 
but the bottom line is the grass sucks & has no nutrients, AND many of the horses that come here end up being allergic to most of the grasses and even the Florida oak trees.
There's no real winter to kill off bugs, 
and standing water with the high heat in the summer months, makes it like one giant petri dish! 
And this entire area where I live floods really bad every summer. 
Even more so over the last 5-6 years.During the summer when the rainy season kicks in, Sammy ends up struggling with breathing, drops weight, loses all of his Feathering, and a few times has developed bacterial infections from the stagnant water. 
A LOT of horses here develop what some call Summer itch, which nine times out of ten ends up being an allergy to something here, and majority of the time is due to an allergic reaction to the saliva of the noseeums. 
So long story short, I decided it was time for Samson to leave Florida! 
Time for him to be somewhere on real grass, enjoying milder weather, and enjoying life as he. Sooo deserves. 
It has been an extremely difficult decision obviously, and it took a lot of prayer, thinking logically (not emotionally), to make the decision and find who I felt was the right person.Sometime tomorrow, Sammy will arrive at his new home in Ohio, and meat his new friends, and his new mom. 
He will be grazing on 23 Acres, and spending the rest of his life doing light trail riding, being loved on and spoiled.His new mom lost her Clydesdale mare 2 months ago to cancer. 
So once again, Sammy will be helping heal someone's heart. ❤ And the fact that he's doing that, and going to live a happy life, does my heart good.He is already missed beyound words!
I will be posting happy updates.I know there are things I missed and more I wanted to say, but right now my heart hurts and I just need time to process all this... I will ALWAYS love you Bam Bam!!
Bitter Sweet Baby Boy!
Seqouia is our lil 1.5 yr old, Dun Mustang Filly.
She came from a wild horse round up in dec 2010, from Faloon Nevada.
Wild Horse Rescue Center in Mims Florida, along with  3 other rescues worked to save the lives of over 100 wild mustangs that were headed for a brutal death.
These horses are a big part of our heritage & deserve their land, but as do many animal species, that is being ripped away from them.
Seqouia traveled from Nevada, to Missouri, to California, to here.
She was scared to death of humans when she came here as a 5-6 month old baby.
With time, love, & patience, She has made awesome & steady progress.
She is such a sweet and loving girl. She still has her moments of uncertainty around new people...but she gets better everyday. She loves attention and being brushed.
She is growing to be a sweet, very intelligent and gorgeous girl =)

R.I.P (Run In Paradise) Seqouia
October 2010 - September 2, 2012
A video in her memory..
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Memory of my beautiful Mustang Filly.."Seqouia"
In Memory of My amazing Mustang Filly. She was taken so abruptly & so young.I love her and miss her so much. Words can't begin to express....Seqouia was My Mustang filly. She came frm a huge round...

GTO is our lil 28" tall Mini Horse.
He is 4 years old and full of himself. Don't let his pint size fool you!  He thinks he's the biggest guy in the field.
We adopted him from a young lady who went into the military.
He definatley steals the heart of everyone he meets.
He loves attention, and doesn't take no for an answer.
We just love him to pieces!


GTO's Update below with Buddy & Boomer
Is a Sulcatta Tortoise. He was found being kicked around like a ball by some kids, then brought to us.
We are not sure of his age, except that he is very young.
Probably 2-4 yrs old.
George is doing great and not shy at all.
He loves having his head rubbed!
His favorite things are warm soak-baths & eating.
He will grow to be very big and live a long time!
They are the 2nd largest Tortoise, Average 75 -125lbs!
We just love him!

George Found his forever Home with a nice family who had been looking for a long time for a tortoise to love.
They had been very dedicated in researching all they could about being owned by a tortoise and were 100% ready for the commitment.
After meeting them, some careful thought and evaluation..
We decided this was in the best interest for George and his new family.
is our Congo African Gray. She is 16 yrs old now & has been with me since she was 3 wks old.  She will always be here

"Valentyne"  know as "Val"around here...
is a 12 yr old female Greenwing Macaw.
  Her stunning color & size...along with her unique personality are quite an attraction!
She has always been momma's girl & will always be a big part of my life. BUT...
Life had become complicated and demanding with the juggling life & the refuge. Val was not getting the one on one attention she craves and deserves. 


 So after many sleepless nights, and selfless soul searching, Val is now living with her new & amazing forever family in Indiana!!
This is a picture of her enjoying her first day, on her new play stand, in her new home!  Very Excited to see & share new updates as we get them. Love u Val..<3

is an 11 yr old special needs Moluccan Cockatoo.
 We are not sure what the cause of his issues are...but we are going to work on finding out.
He can't open or extend his wings and his beak grows crooked. This makes eating and perching a challenge and self grooming almost impossible. This has also caused his weight and nutritional needs to be an issue. He is a sweet-sweet boy! We have high hopes!
Peaches found a New Life!
He now resides in his forever-home in Clearwater Fl.
w/ Jamie Mitchell at
"Tortoise Den of NorthFlorida"
Peaches has under-went lots of trimming, preening, assessment,& is passing with flying colors!
He is eating on his own now, balancing on one foot, dancing & singing! Hes a new Bird!!

Peaches has a job now too!
He spoils "Special Needs" people all day long  & boy does he love his job!
That's a good thing, cause they all love him too!!
"Elmo & Zoey"
 are a pair of Eclectus that came to live with us when their family was forced to place them.
Elmo (the green male) loves to say his name and is starting to grow is feathers in. We just tell him if he wants to sit around in his Underwear..that's just fine.
Zoey (the red female) is very nosy & likes to hear herself scream...lol
They are doing wonderful and have found their FOREVER home here in their big Aviary.
            "Hooper" (June 2012)
Hooper is a 6 yr old male, Congo African Gray Parrot.
His human daddy, at his 4th home, passed away a few weeks ago.
Hooper was very bonded to his daddy and after his loss, became very sad and plucked all his feathers out.
He became more depressed and long story short,
he is now one of our precious angels here at the refuge.
He has only been here a little over a week (as of 6-11-12)
and has adjusted very well. He is eating great, starting to let his feathers grow back and is talking, laughing and making silly noises up a storm.
We think Hooper will be a perm resident here at the refuge, & not because I have a soft spot for grays either....lol
Hooper seems to love attention and his head rubbed once you gain his trust. We are hoping in the future he will be one of the animals that will attend events & tell his story.
We will update in a few weeks to see his progress =)

Hooper was doing okay, but still appeared lonely.
Hooper was not craving human attentions, but that of another bird.
We tried him with a few birds here at the refuge & he was still out of sorts.
We ended up placing hooper with a friend who had a bird the same age and specie as hooper.
Within a few weeks he bounced back and was a happy new boy!
Hooper is thriving in his new family with his new roommate.
                      "Zha- Zah" (jaja)
Zha-Zah is a 7 yr old, believed to be female, Timneh African Gray Parrot.
We don't know allot about her story, except that she was a pet at one time, and tried as a breeder.
Her last home took her with the intention of finding her a mate, but she was so sweet they didn't want her in a breeding situation, but rather a pet home. Changes is life, left them with no time or place for her...so, she became a perm resident here at Heaven Help US!
She is very territorial of her cage and can be quite nippy at times, but that's ok...we love her just the same.
She had some plucking issues when she first came & from time to time she still does. Tha'ts ok...we tell her if she wants to hang out in her undies..that's just fine!
She has quite the vocabulary, a large selection of noises and hysterical laughs! She is def live entertainment =)
Update 12/2013
Zha-zha went back to live with the only person she ever really Loved! Her Teenage boy, "Madison" 
Even though she appeared to be thriving here, at times I  felt as though something was missing. I called the previous family only to find out that they were in a position to take her back, and had been missing her dearly.
She is not only back with her "Madison" but living in his bedroom where she always wanted to be!
         "Lydia" (6-8-12)
Lydia is a young female Prairie dog. She looks to be about 2-3 months old. She was seized by the local police dept after a call came in that she was being abused. The sad part is the pet store in which she was purchased, sold her to a local homeless person who was not able to care for her, sold her a cage way to small, nor did she hold permits to have her.
Investigation is being done to see if the store is even permitted to sell these type of exotics.
Lydia was pretty shook up for the first day, but after her arrival here she settled in immediately. What a love-bug she is. You cant get the cage door half open before she leaps into your arms. She loves being snuggled, and scratched. Seems very comfortable with all the other critters too..
  Update 1-29-13
Lydia found a new forever family!! Lydia now lives a very spoiled life with her new sister Prairie dog, and her momma Isabel.
Worked out wonderfully!!
Isabel was the first person I have met in years that was truly educated and devoted to the care that prairie dogs really need.
In fact probably over qualified...lol
I have never met such an amazing family or living situation for these unique little critters. Another great thing, is they live local and we can keep in touch.
love Happy Endings!        
            "Lance" (April 2012)
Lance is a 2 1/2 yr old Percheron cross gelding. He was a PMU baby, that was brought here from Canada along with a group of rescued draft Horses when he was only about 2 weeks old. We know his mom was a big gray Percheron Mare. Not sure what type of horse his daddy was.
Lance's mom was killed by lightning shortly after his arrival to Florida. A young lady that cared for the horses, took Lance under her wing. She loved him and spent as much time with him as possible.
Long story short, unfortunate circumstances left his mommy struggling to afford his up-keep & finding time to spend with him. So a few short weeks ago, Lance came to live here at the refuge. He is still a little thin, but is shedding out, gaining weight, been wormed and soon getting his feet trimmed.
He was shunned a little by the herd here at first, but has settled in quite well. I give a lot of credit to lance's mom!!
This was an extremely tuff decision and gesture for her. Her love shines through his amazing personality & trusting attitude. He is an amazing horse! We still keep in close contact and send frequent pictures and updates.
           Lance is growing more handsome everyday~~
Jan 26th,2012
Lance has his "cool weather coat" on
Update March 16th 2013
Lance Found his Forever Home!!

Lance, Now "Nikan" ,(Neekan)
owns Alexis Clevenger of Venice Florida.
It was love at first sight for both of them.
They connected right away& will make an amazing team.
 He loves his new home and friends already.
Alexis welcomed us to come visit them anytime and is going to keep us updated on his progress and send pictures. 
"Nikan" is a wonderful boy and deserves the wonderful, spoiled life he will have.
  UPDATE  May 2013
Just wanted to share some recent photos of "Nikan", (former Lance) and his mom & the progress they are making! What an amazing team!!



           "Buddy & Boomer" (4/2012)
"Buddy" is a 1 yr old mini-Donkey & " Boomer" is a 6 yr old Mini-Horse. These two are the best of budds.
These two came from some great friends that wanted them to have a great home, where they could still visit and keep close contact.
So..here they are!
Both boys settled in right away and have been a huge hit to all whom meet them.
They attended our 1st Fund Raiser and made quite the immpresion. We just love them and are blessed that they are part of our programs.
Update: Oct 2013

Boomer, Buddy, & GTO all went to live with our new friends the Palmer family!
When a hard summer took a toll on the refuge, as well as did many other things, I had to make some tough choices.
Choices that were very hard for me, but in the best interest of the animals.
I feel blessed to have met the Palmer family. They have given a wonderful forever home to 5 of my wonderful equine friends.
They will not only live a spoiled and loved life, but will be used for therapy and enjoyment for autistic children.

Wilbur is a male Brown Lemur.
He was born may 5th, 2012. He came to visit here in hopes of becoming part of the "Heaven Help US" family. We are very blessed to have him here. So far he appears to be healthy lil guy and is settled in comfortably. All the critter here act like he has been here forever and he's one of the "gang"...lol. We just love him and are looking forward to watching him grow. Check back for updates.
                         Sept. 20,2012
Wilbur Is almost 5 months old, and growing like a weed!
He is very active & plays great with all the other furry family members. He still has lots of growing to do
Update oct 2012
Wilbur adopted  new human!
He now lives in La belle Fl with Daddy-Orlando and his house
of spoiled creatures!
Orlando owns & runs "Second Chance Primate Sanctuary"
"Where's Wilbur?" lol
Willow is a little Ringtail Lemur. She was born on June 22nd, 2012.
Her enclosure was flooded and during trying to do repairs, she ended up being pulled from mommy.
She came to us for some love and spoiling. She craves attention and gets along great with all the critters.
She loves to observe all thats going on around her, as she sits and sucks her thumb. Just to cute!!
We had hopes of keeping willow here for educational purposes at the refuge.
She is an amazing little girl.
           Sept 20th, 2012
Willow adopted her new daddy "Adam" today!
It was very hard letting go, but knowing she was going to someone local & with Lemur experience was a big help..not to mention she seemed very comfortable w/him right away & his deep love for animals was obvious.
We will be keeping in touch, and posting new pics soon.

"Nala" Former Willow is doing great with her new family!
She loves her food and her new cage with all the bells & whistles.
She has a huge indoor cage with all kinds of toys & swings and even a tree. She even seems to like her doggy sibling. So happy to hear she is doing so great!


Squirt is a baby common grey squirrel.
A friend called to inform us he saw something running around in the parking lot at work. When he bent down to see...this little squirrel ran right up his arm and snuggled in the bend of his arm.
When I arrived to pick him up, he was damp, cold, thin, tired & very hungry!
We got him home, got him dry, warm and fed him some special "Heaven Help US milk"...lol
He is doing great!
We figure with the rain storms passing thru..he lost his home and family. Guess we'll never really know.
Right now were glad he is thriving & were taking it day by day until he is ready for release.
Update: Sept 20,2012
2 little squirrels went to their release program. They are doing wonderful and will be released into the wild in a few short weeks. We will miss them, but are happy that they are alive, well and doing what squirrels do!
                  d'artagnan (AKA DART)

Dart  Is our Handsome Paint-Draft.
We adopted him 3 yrs ago, & a few short months later,  REAL hard times hit & he went to live with an amazing young lady, Caroline just a few hours north of us.
We kept in close contact over the last 3 yrs.
Recently, some hard times & life changes forced Caroline to contact me about taking Dart back.
I was ecstatic about having him home, but felt awful for her letting go.
 I knew she loved him just as I did.
He has a way with stealing your heart.
Long Story short Dart is home, and doing great.
Caroline & will continue to keep in touch and hopefully visit.
As for Dart, we are hoping her will be helping in Special Olympics this year =)
He is one very special Horse!
UPDATE:  March 31st, 2013
During a time of complete struggle, I received a phone call from a very good friend Kim, informing me that she had a friend Barrie who had been dreaming of being owned by a "Big Paint horse"
before the sentence finished coming from her mouth, I firmly stated that "D'art" was never going anywhere.
Well my friends, be careful what you pray for!!
Just the night before I had been praying about what to do. Things were becoming more tight, no support coming in, more calls for animals in need & a few other major issues had evolved.
That night I laid awake all night thinking about all the wonderful things I was informed about barrie, pondered over things going on around me, and questioned what was the right thing to do for D'art.
Long story short, next day I sent the message for Barrie to come meet w/me and D'art.
Unexplainable, but as we talked, the right thing to do, became very evident.
So, D'art went just down the road to take care of Barrie.
We agreed if for ANY reason she has to let him go..he comes back here.
So, as selfishly as I wanted to keep him here,
I feel God placed it on my heart for him to go take care of Barrie's dreams.
Dar't will get constant attention & probably be loved as much ..as he was by me ;)
I can visit him anytime & was invited to come ride as well.
I have to Thank God for Blessing me with so many wonderful friends. We will be keeping in touch w/their new adventures & keeping you updated.
 Update May 2013
Dart came back home! 

A few weeks after dart arrived at his new home he started to display some lameness. After a visit from the vet and some x-rays, the vet determined that he was lame in both front feet and that both coffin bones are counter-rotated. No sign of founder..but still :(
The vet was concerned that he may never be ride-able and quite possibly struggle to be pasture sound. 
This came as a big surprise and a huge one for me! 
After a 2nd farrier opinion it appears that his feet were trimmed a little short which could have been the cause of lameness. Hey..it happens!!
Anyway, he has displayed no discomfort here, other then a little arthritis. He is now on MSM 2x's a day which appears to be helping. We are going to try a little "corrective trimming"a few times and are having one more opinion done.
At this point he appears to be doing well thank God!
One day at a time...


Dart was adopted by Michelle Martinez & her family!
After several opinions from various vets and farriers, and reviews of the x-rays, We discovered as I suspected that Dart is in fact not lame nor is his cannon bone counter rotated. 
His temporary lameness was due to his feet being trimmed to short. which also made it appear as though there was counter rotation. 
Anyway, Dart it Thriving! He is gaining weight, Loves his new family and friends, and is spoiled rotten. :)
He gallops full speed to the gate every morning for breakfast.
We are excited to hear about his continuing progress.

          The Girls have arrived!   8/15/2012
Annie & Fate
2 yr old Mustang Fillys
From Fallon NV
Wild Horse Round-up
late 2012
Welcome Annie & Fate!
A few days after seqouia was taken from me,  I was in contact with Diane Delano from "Wild Horse Rescue Center" in Mims, Fl.
This is where I went and picked seqouia up (my first mustang)
The day  I went to adopt her, there were a few other foals that pulled my heart strings. Long story short, two of them are now known as Annie & Fate.
When the word got out about seqouias death..I was informed about the need for Annie & Fate to be adopted. Two weeks later  I made the 3.5 hr trip to adopt Annie & Fate.
Although there will never be another horse that compares to Seqouia, Annie & Fate sure have helped fill the hole in  my heart that she left behind. Both Annie & Fate are from the same herd as seqouia, which makes them very special to me.
We have big plans for them in our programs here at the refuge.
Update 1/30/2013
Annie & Fate are doing Amazing!
They have been out with the rest of the herd for about 3 weeks now.
Fate is definatley more outgoing and wants to be center of attention, where as annie is a little more unsure. Annie is coming along well though and is a sweet little girl.
            "It's ok Annie..I got ya covered"

Annie Went Back to live with her former care taker who missed her dearly. She is doing wonderful and blossomed into a sweet lady.

Faith was adopted a wonderful family down the road and is just as sweet as can be. She has grown to be one beautiful horse inside and out. She is absolutely adored by her family
             "Wilbur"   10/3/2012
Wilbur is a
6 yr old
Quarter Horse
Wilbur is one Stocky Boy!
Wilbur came to us from Parrish Florida area.
He lived with his human daddy "Ron" since he was 2 yrs old.
Wilbur had a ruff start, but spent his last 4 years loved beyond words. Ron explained how he really didn't know anything about horses and felt Wilbur deserved so much more.
I have to say I was impressed!
First for Rons up front ,bold honesty!
2nd, for the incredible condition of this horse!
So..with that being said..I know Wilbur lived a great life while in Ron's care, because it is reflected in the disposition of this horse.
Just because a horse is not "Worked" daily, or the person they own doesn't know "Proper Riding etiquite" or how to "Train"..reveals nothing about their quality of ownership or love. Wilbur was fed well, groomed well, his vet care, & feet were maintained...& he was loved beyond many's understanding.
Wilbur is going to be a huge asset to our program and the heart of many. As for Ron, he knows he is welcome to visit anytime, and we will be in contact.
Update 12/2013
Totally unexpected..Wilbur, now known has "Hemi" found the perfect partner in this world!!
Wilbur took a liking to Nykol..and the feeling was more then mutual!
I asked her why Hemie? She replied.."cause he's built like a truck and he's full of gas"...lol
Over the last 2 months, the transformation & relationship between these two has been amazing!
Wilbur was green in just about every way. Nykol had lost her best horse friend and was searching or the perfect fit.
Wilbur to her surprise, was the one.
Im not sure who's teaching who..but through the shared laughter and tears, I can tell you it is a match made from Heaven!! Im excited to see the horizons these to explore together!

UPDATE 5/2013

Here are a few recent pictures sent to us of "Hemi" (former wilbur) and his best friend Nykol. He was even her "Senior picture prop ;)


Bandit is a stunning 7 year old  Mustang Gelding, with an amazing disposition. He is so sweet and loves attention.
He is halter trained & will be starting under saddle very soon.
We are very excited to see what this amazing boy can do!

UPDATE 5/2013

Bandit went to a foster home a few weeks ago for some training and lovin.
He is doing wonderful! He is already doing great under saddle..


==========================================================             "Malachi" Jan 25th, 2013
Malachi is a 1 yr old BLM Mustang gelding..
He came to us gentled & all the way from Wyomi.ng.
He made his long trip across country packed in a trailer with many other wild mustangs. They are herded in and out of the trailer at different holding facilities until the reach their final destination.. As you can see they get pretty dirty along their journey.

Malachi is doing wonderful!. He is a very sweet & energetic young man.. He has been gentled and haltered trained..
we will continue to work with him on various things until it is time to start saddle training.
"Clean" pictures soon....lol

UPDATE June 2013
Sweet boy! Gonna be a great horse!


Malachi was adopted, but things did not work out nor go anywhere as agreed!
Long story, which I DO NOT wish to go into detail :(
Malachi was transported to "Sunshine State American Mustang & Burro Association" Where is now getting the care & training he needs. Then he will be adopted to a carefully chosen family.

             "Disciple"    Jan 25th, 2012
Disciple is a 2yr old BLM Mustang Gelding.
He came to us all the way from High Rock California wild & untouched.
He traveled the long cross country distance in the same manner that Malachi did. They both ended up in Marion FL, along with hundreds of other Mustangs.
The ones not spoken for were auctioned & then all off to their new destinations.
Disciple is coming along nicely. He is very curious and smart! Still a bit skittish at times, but were working through it. He is going to be one big & handsome boy!
"Clean" pictures soon...lol

UPDATE June 2013

Shedding out beautifully and such a sweet boy with a kind heart and soul. Very cautious at first, but so willing to please.


Disciple is now also at "Sunshine State American Mustang & Burro Association" going through intense re-hab and then eventually further training. He will eventually find his forever family to.
He is Now part of the "Wounded Veterans Program"

Angel (Former Cruella)

Angel is 3-4 yr old, Florida Cracker Mare.
She was seized from an animal cruelty situation, from "Florida Equine Rescue" out of Labelle Florida in Feb 2013. She was almost starved and full of worms and parasites.
She along with over 40 other horses were turned out on 80 acres & left to fend for themselves.
No grain, occasional fresh water, & no worming or parasite control!
This is why I get so livid when people get hung up on the amount of pasture a horse has. Especially in Florida where the grass offers no nutritional value!!
A horse can thrive immensely on a small pasture or corral, as long as they have quality feed, hay, fresh water, regular worm & parasite control, and have access to regular excersize! It's about quality of life!!
Anyway, Angel is picking up weight & doing better all the time.
She is a little leery due to neglect, but is coming around very well. She has a very kind & willing soul & is going to make an amazing friend for someone.

Looking better all the time...
cool shower and some yummy hay..goes a long way ;)

Update: October 28th,2013

Angel found a wonderful home & was transported to New Port Richie Fl. to live with her new family.
Pictures soon!

Angelo (former Tulio)

Angelo is a recently gelded 2yr old Florida Cracker Horse.
He was also sized as an animal cruelty case from "Florida Equine Rescue" out of Labelle Fl.
Shortly after his rescue he was gelded, had his feet trimmed, & was treated for worms/parasites.
 He to was almost starved and full of worms and parasites.
Angelo is a very smart boy and has a bit of an attitude..lol
We are working on that!
Since he has been here he has put on some weight, and is learning to trust. He is a very flashy & gated.

With some time, love & patience...
He is going to make someones dreams come true!

Update:  10/2013

Angelo is doing Awesome!
He has been at Hope equine rescue, putting on weight, working on trust and ground manners.
He has filled out, he is very smart and learns quickly!
He is going to make someone a great horse.


Phantom is large paint pony gelding. He is just a tad short of being a small horse..lol ..he is belived to be 4 yrs old.
He came to the refuge as a wild project-pony.
The former rescue where he resided closed down & their wishes were for him to be trained and adopted into a loving forever home.
He is a very gorgeous young man and carries the attitude to prove it! 
We have not had a lot of time with him yet, but with time, patience and an attitude adjustment, he is going to make someone very happy!


Phantom adopted an amazing family and is doing great!  His favorite seems to be his little girl...

Update: July 2013

Phantom is doing great with his new family and horse siblings.
hope to get new pictures and info soon.

" Grace"         March 31st, 2013
Grace is a Clydesdale /Cross Mare. Vet believes her to be around 12 yrs young.
We don't know much about her past. The previous owner had her for a few years, and has a gorgeous 2yr old colt from her.
She has a pretty good size scar on her rt shoulder from a previous injury.
She appears to have been a PMU &/or Broodmare at some point in her life. When I received the call about her I was more then excited to take her in , hoping as a perm resident! 
Not just because of my weakness for Clydesdale's ..lol
She is a very sweet & gentle girl.
She has only been here a week & fits perfect with the rest of the herd.

We are Happy to have her!!

UPDATE 6 June 2013
Grace adopted a new mommy!
Had a call from a lady who had been searching for the horse to fill her heart. After losing her elderly mustang. She was looking for a Draft/ cross.
What she described to me..was Grace!
It was love as first sight!
Grace now lives in St. Cloud Florida on 6 acres of pasture w/her own stall and pond! 
She walked of the trailer and never looked back!...lol

...She has her own Boy too!

UPDATE 5/ 2014
Grace Returns Home!
Got a call from grace's adopted family when some unforeseen circumstances hit.
Heartbroken they knew it was in the best interest for all that Grace come home.
Grace is home, settled into the herd and doing great.
She has been through a lot over her 20 yrs of life.
We plan to use her in a few of our programs here at the refuge. She is a sweet horse with a gentle soul.

Update :)

Grace has a wonderful family to call her own, and they absolutely adore her!! She has never been more spoiled.
Even better, it is just down the road where I see her on a regular basis.
A huge thanks to the Scarry family for giving her what she has always deserved. Amazing how some things just fall into place!


The above picture, is "Promise",former "Comet" just 2 weeks before she arrived here at the refuge.

The pictures below, are the day after  her arrival 
on 12/13/2013.
We are not certain of her whole & true history. The paper that came with her from her previous location, was hand written and informed me that she came to them BADLY abused. That she was beaten with rakes, shovels ect. 
It explained that she was extremely fearful of all of them and even the hose, that she would cower to the far end of the paddock. It stated that anyone coming close to her and causing her to feel threatened, she would spin around and kick out with both back feet. The letter also expressed her attempting to bite and strike & that she had come a long way.
His final words expressed that of all the horses in the group, she was the one that would be worried about the most...


The night I went to pick comet up at the drop off point, she walked right of the transport trailer and onto mine with no hesitation.
I have seen no sign of aggression with her at all. 
In the first few weeks she was a bit pushy at feeding, but to be expected of any horse that has been starved or has had to fight for their food.
Promise was full of worms, teeth were pretty bad, feet were long overdue for a trim and thrush so bad her feet bled on her first trim, and of course she was in DIRE need of groceries.

So here we are, 3 months later and Promise has made AMAZING progress! I gave her the name "Promise" a few weeks after her arrival. Not only did I not like the name comet for her, but everyday I made her some type of promise. "I promise you will never starve again"..." I promise you will never be abused again'..I promise your going to be okay"...ect
So finally one day, I said "that's your new name!!"
Promise was heavy duty wormed, had her teeth done, feet trimmed, and is steadily putting on weight and shedding out her winter wear..lol
She is blossoming into such a wonderful girl as you can see in the photos below taken just a few days ago. (3/10/2014)


So, She still has a little ways to go. Here feet will take a few more trims over the next 6-8 months to correct her long toe, she still has weight to gain, hair to shed, and trust to build, but all in all..
She is one great girl!
Time will tell whether she will be adopted or stay here as a permanent resident in our programs.

With out your support, 
Horses like Promise would not stand a chance! 

June 2015..Looking Better all the time!!


Promise adopted a new mom and dad!
And..they even let her bring Valentine too! (below)
Thank You Jo Marie for coming to meet these 2 sweet girls, falling in love and giving them the life they so deserve!! 
These 2 girls are happy and so spoiled. They have both been through a lot, but will never have to worry about anything ever again.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  


Pictures below are of Valentines arrival day 2/14/14..

Valentine was purchased & saved by some friends just to keep her from being sold to Kill buyers.
They could not keep her & contacted me.
We do not know her true background or story, as many times in rescue we don't.
We were informed she was supposed to be a well trained cattle horse approx 12 years old. 
She came covered in briers, LOADED with worms, sores, rain rot, feet and teeth in very ruff shape, and obviously VERY under weight.
Since her arrival 4 weeks ago, she has bee heavily wormed,
Had her feet trimmed.. 

Her teeth cared for..

a few bathes...

So still a long way to go, but well on the road to recovery :)

                       She Loves her new friends too..
She is soon to get her vaccines and an updated coggins.
Again, we can not do any of this without your support!

It will take a little while to see a difference with her weight.
Valentine is a pretty tall girl!
She is as sweet as they come & nothing bothers her.

Update 6/2014
Valentine is doing great!
She has put on lots of weight, her teeth done, just had her coggins updated, getting lots of love and we have been lightly riding her.
She is a little nervous while being tacked, but we are working with her on that. Just recently she started to display some nervousness once we mount her. Not sure why considering the first few rides she was perfect.
We are backing up and working slowly through.
She is the perfect horse when it comes to ground manners, loading, grooming, bathing and bombproof!
She is looking for her forever home Now!!

ahh..Loves her back rubbed!

Update July 2104

Valentine adopted a new mom and dad!
And..they even let her bring Promise too! 
Thank You Jo Marie for coming to meet these 2 sweet girls, falling in love and giving them the life they so deserve!! 
These 2 girls are happy and so spoiled. They have both been through a lot, but will never have to worry about anything ever again.


Trooper came to us as a pony with a torn muscle and never ride able. We were informed he was approx 10yrs old.
Looking at his teeth I guessed more like 7.
After a vet friend took a look, he is about 6-7 years old :)
He in fact does not have a torn muscle, he has a stifle-locking issue. Basically his back legs did not develop properley.
He can't control when his back leg locks into place or pops out. This causes him to look a bit goofy at times. The good news is with a little work/therapy , it will go away. 
Trooper got his name because of all he has been through..he is just that.. "A lil Trooper" 
He is putting on weight and shedding out beautifully!
He is the sweetest lil guy you'll ever meet.
He is part of out "Petting Pals" program.

Notice the bearded dragon lizard on his back..lol

Dec 2014

Although Trooper's stifle issue doesn't show much improvement, he is still as ornery as they come AND it definitely doesn't slow him down any. He has become Sammy's sidekick and thinks he's just as big...lol
We Love him and the personality plus that he adds to the herd.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
      "The 3 Amigos"

3 of our newest Refuge Angels as well as part of our "Petting Pals" program, 3 Bearded Dragons.
We have yet to give them individual names...lol...but we will.
They have made themselves at home in the corner house of one of the aviaries.
They love to be held, and their favorite past time is basking in the sun and eating live super worms.
Update July 2014

We were sad that over the course of a few months 2 of our beardies, within a few weeks of each other passed away.  We were informed when we took them in that 2 were quite older.
We sure did enjoy the time we had with them.
The 3rd guy is doing great as a personal pet in a friends home.
Thank you to the Rambo family for building an awesome enclosure and giving this guy a great life.


              "Erwin & Gobblet"

Erwin is our young Emu & Gobblet is our Young Turkey.
They both came here as hatch-lings and are best buddies.
They are only a few weeks apart in age.
We are pretty sure Gobblet is a male and think Erwin may be as well. Only time will tell.
They are going to be part of our educational and on-site "Petting Pals" program. Because  of their fast growing and size, it is to complicated to transport them.
They grow by the day! I will post some new photos soon.

                                      July 2014

Matilda is our Little Pot Belly Pig Diva. 
She came to us when a family could no longer keep her. 
She is house broken and thinks she is one of our dogs..lol
She would rather spend her time outside digging in the dirt and eating grass. She enjoys playing with our dog Hogan & mini-donkey Hosea.
Matilda is a huge hit in our "Petting Pals" program.
Pigs are actually very smart and very clean. They only reason they dig on the dirt is to cool off because they can't sweat. They also enjoy looking for bugs and roots to eat too.

Matilda & Gary the Lop eared Bunny^


We were contacted by a lady who was in search of a friend for her pot belly piggie. 
She felt her little girl was lonely and she wanted to find  her a friend.
After finding out how spoiled Matilda would be, and having one of our foster families do a visit, we knew this was a golden opportunity for Matilda!
So, Matilda is living the good life as an indoor pet, with 5 fenced acres to run at her leisure, AND a buddy to do it with.
What more could a piggie ask for ;)


                                        " Gary"
Gary is our little 2 yr old Lopped Eared Bunny.
He came to us through a family that didn't have the time for him.
Gary is quite a hit with all who meet him. He is a very sweet and laid back bunny and cute as they come.
He is a huge hit with our Petting-Pals" Program.
Have to take some better pictures of Gary :)


Gary found a new fanily to to snuggle.
When we closed our "Petting Pals" program until further funding, We were concerned about the expense and upkeep of many of the animals.
A close friend had juts lost her pet bunny after many years. When I contacted her about Gary, she was ecstatic!
So Gary no lives with her along with buddies" Laverne" & "Shirley".
            "Laverne & Shirley"
Laverne & Shirley are our 2 most recent refuge Angels.
They were brought to us by a young girl who's wishes were for them to stay together and be loved.
They are so adorable, love to be snuggled. & fit in here perfectly. They are going to be a huge hit with the kids as well as our "Petting Pals" program.

Update Dec 2014
We just received the sad news from the wonderful family that adopted Laverne, Shirley & Gary...that Laverne passed away, and a few weeks later Shirley passed to :(
Both of these girl were up in age and had been together since they were babies. I'm just grateful that they spent their life loved!
Freckles came to us as a rescue along with trooper. We didn't have much information on her background. We were informed she was about 12 years old and used as a child's lesson horse.
In Rescue you have to take all information with a grain of salt!
Turns out that Freckles is between 19 & 20 yrs old, and has a old injury to her front left knee. The good news is the injury does not cause her any discomfort or pain. It does however cause her to have a slight limp at a trot due to the fact her left knee can not flex as it should. 
She is a very sweet and willing girl and great with everyone.
She is slowly shedding out and putting on weight.
We are now using her in our riding program at Horses For A Cure.
She is adored by all who meet her.

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or help support the work we do to rehab them & offer them a promising future....It would be So appreciated!!
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