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               Think First!
  Any animal you take into your life, is a huge commitment!

Always do some research on how the animal will fit into your lifestyle,care it requires,and cost. As always, hands on experience is the best.
Horses need a good quality diet, hooves trimmed regularly, wormed regularly, yearly vet checkups, and lots of maintainence. We will touch more on this on the "Equine" page.
When it comes to exotics, they are not
for everyone!
I may not promote private ownership...
but I definitely support responsible ownership
..those who do it right!
Most Exotics really aren't pets!
Nor are they children..
They are "Wild"
animals...Because humans made them that way.
 There are many situations that cause them to raised by us in a home/private setting.
Most often they are not "ripped off or away from their mother" as so many proclaim.
Exotics are a HUGE responsibility and commitment....
Not only their care, but the expense as well.
They are all cute when they are babies, and some  stay that way...but they are still animals many exhibit some of their wild/ natural instincts.
For those who truly want the huge commitment
of taking one into their life...Do a ton of Homework first!
It is important to spend more time trying to learn & understand what  they are trying to tell us & teach us, then what we are going to try teach them!!
When they become part of our families, we need to learn to make their environment more friendly to them, not them more friendly to our environment!
Exotics, especially primates, Are extremely tuned into their environment ..
& the people and /or animals in their life.
Change for them can be very devastating!!
Change can affect them physically & emotionally & often permenentley.
That is why it is so important to try & learn
what they are trying to tell us through their own language.
Since they can't tell us what they are feeling, they use their body language, facial expressions & vocals to express everything. Each Specie is different, as well as each individual.
They are highly intelligent and sensitive creatures,
that need our patience & understanding.
I could go on extensively on this topic....but
that will be another time & place..lol
Anyway...you should do your homework before even considering accepting one in your life.
Talk with experienced people, spend time around them, and make sure you know about the proper permits, licenses and requirements for your state and the animal you are considering!
Thank God, Not all states allow them as "pets"
To be quite honest, the caging requirements in most states, are not near big enough for them.
I used to concentrate on telling people that they shouldn't have them...to weed out the weak!

But after living in Florida, I realized that I can't change that. So instead of wasting my breath and time on things I can't change...I needed to work on things where I can make a difference.
So...If people are determined to purchase a monkey or any other Exotic anyway...I try to turn them onto someone  I know who will thoroughly educate them properly and make sure they have done the needed research or they won't get the animal!
The animal's best interest... is most important!!
They can't speak for themselves, they are at the mercy of the caretaker.
If  You have done your research...& still feel you have to have an exotic, Make sure you work with an EDUCATED and USDA Licensed person!
Someone who will take the time to go over things
thuroughly...even after the "sale"
A REALLY incredible resource,
that covers just about everything about Primates is:
"Monkey Matters Complete Guide To Care & Behavior"
Check it out at: www.monkeymatters.com
       Always remember to check the laws for your state!!

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