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My Wish
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                     Wish List......
 These are some of the items we are in need of .
Im sure it will vary as things grow and change, but we will try to keep the website updated.
All donations are sincerely apprecieated by me and the animals.
 We wil be adding all who donate to our "Thanks" page!
For info call or reply on our "contact us" page.
Please Keep In mind that all donations are tax deductible.
Feed for the animals is one of our biggest needs!
Especially for our horses!
Whether it be in the form of gift cards to the feed store, credit put on the account at our local feed store, or feed it's self.
Some of the feed related items are as follows:
* Manapro Safe Performance  (for our horses $17 a bag)
* O&A hay ($13 a bale)
* Coastal Hay ( $9 a bale)
* Round Bales of hay ($35-$65 each)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Our local feed store where we get supplies:
Crossties Farm & Garden
Florida St
Punta Gorda, Fl
( They are familiar with what we feed and donations can be made directly to them)

Find them on Face book:

Other Horsie needs:
*ALWAYS Grain & Hay
Mineral & Salt blocks
* Wormer
* Fly spray
* Vet wrap, wound dressing
* Grooming supplies are great too! (shampoos, detangler, ect)
* Always use horse toys, rakes, cleaning Forks, muck buckets...ect
Used items are awesome too!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Materials for building primate & other exotic critters enclosures, play areas, fencing, shelter...ect

 PT 4x6x (8 & 12 foot mostly,
    for post)
 PT 4x4's (for post)
 * 2x4's for framing
 * PVC (for toys, water supply, ect)
 * Heavy Duty chainlink
    (fence, gates, poles, clamps)
 * Heavy Duty Dog Kennels/ runs
 * Pavers for flooring
 * Heavy Duty Rubber Stall mats        (for cage & stall bottom)
Enrichment Items & supplies for primates:
 * Heavy duty plastic Chain (to hang toys)
 * Little Tikes slides, swings, cars, tables...ect
 * Various durable Toys, balls..ect
 * Soft books
 * Learning toys
Infant primate items:
 * Baby Formula
( we use sensitive, low lactose brands)
 * Baby Bottles
 * Baby food
 * Rice Baby Cereal
 * Zupreem monkey bisquits
 * Diapers (preeemie & Up)
 * wipes
 * A&D ointment
 * Triple paste
 * Baby Blankets, Towels & wash Cloths
 * Aveno Baby wash
 * water Bottles
Bird Items:
*Bird Seed
* Zupreem Fruit Blend Pellets
*Hand Feeding Formula
*Cuttle Bone


Most any pet food will get used for one of the animals here.
Gift cards to farm stores, pet supply stores and
building supply stores are awesome to.
We use:
 Cross Ties in Punta Gorda,  
Tractor Supply in Port Charlotte Fl
and Perky Pets in Fort Myers for most of our critters needs.

Hay is always a big expense and a huge help!
There is so much that we need and can always use.
It is hard to remember and list them all. Our needs change daily. If you have something you think we can use, or you wish to donate, just drop us a note on our "Contact page" or give me a call 941-916-0352 =).
Some donated items may be utilized at one of our fund raiser events. (yard sales, raffles or auctions)
We can always use prayers ><>
We will be updating...so please check back.
Thanks for visiting and God Bless.

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