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                          Primates....Food For Thought
Monkeys, Primates & other exotics are not your typical "pet"!!  
Nor are they a child!! I think they are stuck somewhere in between.
They are a HUGE responsibility and commitment....
Not only their care, but the diet and expense as well.
They are all cute when they are babies, and most stay that way...but they are still  wild animals & must be respected for who they are.
(wild does not mean aggressive people..)
As long as there are primates in captivity, they will breed, reproduce, babies will be born and they all need a place to go and live their lives.
We the humans need to be more educated about primates in private ownership and more willing to make our environment friendly to them, instead of trying to train them to be more friendly to our environment & what we want them to be.
They are extremely intelligent,social, & complex beings.
(I could go on extensively on this topic....but we will continue more extensively on another page!)
Anyway...if there is any reason or situation that puts you in the position of taking an exotic animal in your life...you need to do your homework way before hand!
I can't stress enough, that almost all un-educated and/ or impulse buyers,adopters (or whatever you chose to call it) result in heartache! If not for the human...def for the animal!  We can walk away and carry on and sometimes even learn from our mistakes.
As for the animal..they pay the real price. They have no say. They are completely at our mercy.
This my friend, is why it is so important to not only be educated...but
talk with experienced people,
spend time around rescues that deal with them,or families that share their life with them.
Make sure you know about the proper permits, licenses and requirements for your state and the animal you are considering! Don't attempt to take in an animal that is illegal or that you don't hold the proper permits for!! The animal will pay the ultimate price...not you!
Also know a good qualified vet that treats that animal.
Know about their diet and where to get it,
Know the caging requirements,
(Even the state caging requirements are not big enough for most of the animals.)
Have a plan if you need to go away...who's gonna care for them?
Have an emergency plan. If something happens to you, where are they going to go?
All in all..think long & hard!
Their life is in our hands...They have no say!
Many walk away when we they have had enough...these animals can't!
We can get a drink when we are thirsty or eat when we are Hungry...they can't!
We can talk to someone when we are down, scared or nervous....they try but are often misunderstood!
No matter their size..or type..they are still a huge responsibility and their best quality of life should be of utmost importance.
"I hear people talk about Keeping them in the wild....But they aren't safe or protected there anymore either!!"
"God Blessed them....Be responsible for the fish in the sea, and birds in the sky, for every living thing that moves on the face of the earth." -Genesis 1:28 (MSG)

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